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Suitable Car Seats for Toyota Fortuner 2015 model

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  • Suitable Car Seats for Toyota Fortuner 2015 model

    Hello everyone, I'm posting this from the Middle East. I have a 2015 model Toyota Fortuner with no isofix points. I'm keen to see if anyone knows of any car seats that can be strapped in that have been tested in the Fortuner? I'm finding it difficult to get any recommendations and any advice would be much appreciated. We currently have a Joie stages car seat that fits in the car rearward facing but we've just discovered that the Fortuner isn't in the recommended list as it's not be tested.

    Toyota over here have been very poor and other countries are saying to check with the dealership in my country but the language barrier is proving quite difficult. We are willing to purchase a car seat from a different country and get it shipped but at present we can't actually find a suitable seat?