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  • Free Emergency App Download

    For those who might be interested, there's an App called Emergency+ Just google Emergency+ and it should pop up. Its an Oz govt thing. Its a free App for android & Apple devices. I put in on my mobile (android) & my iPad

    After you download it, open it up. You'll find links to the S.E.S. Police Assistance line, & triple 000. It also gives your GPS Latitude and Longitude, as well as the street address you're at.

    One of the guys in our 4WD club volunteers with the SES & he put us onto it. Not sure if you need mobile cell tower info for it to work, but it certainly works fine around the burbs. I'm on a trip this weekend, so I'll try it to see if it gives GPS co-ordinates when my mobiles got no reception and report back.

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    yeah its good , i had to use it when my mrs dislocated her elbow a couple of months back.
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      Do you remember if you had to have mobile tower reception for it to work, or its more like 4WD mapping where it relies on satellites for location for remote travel use


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        I dont know mate ive had it on my phone for my offroad cycling trips for ages and not had to use it till that one time at home. I suspect it uses Google Maps to pick up the location , which you can then pass on to the 000 operators.
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          Thanks. Will have a play with it next weekend to see if it needs cell tower reception or not.


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            You’re going to need cell tower reception to make a call to 000 / SES.
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              Good to know, thanks for the advice.


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                I work in the emergency services and it's a definite must for everyone, even if you never use it. The app just provides the caller with GPS coordinates which the triple zero calltaker uses to locate you. More useful if you don't know where you are or you are in the bush somewhere. It has all the usual numbers on there as well but its basically just a user friendly way of getting your location, still needs mobile reception of some sort to make the triple zero call. You can use Google maps to do the exact same thing but not everyone is as clever as the younger generations.

                There will be an app coming out in the future which allows the camera on the callers phone to be accessed by the call centre to get a visual on the scene.

                Also worth noting, there is a separate number to call when you are out of mobile range - dial 112 and it will connect to whatever carrier is available and connect to triple zero. Most new phones do this anyway when you are out of range & use 000 but its handy to know.


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                  Thanks AGriff. I'm more a no so old, old fart that failed finger painting as a 5 yr old.... I usually ask my youngest niece or nephew with the most pimples to help to tech stuff.

                  I've a 2nd hand sat phone but only take it on our 4-ish weeks remote trips. But I do like the idea of this app for trips where we're not to far from towns most of the time & can still get some mobile reception.

                  Thanks to all who'd provided feedback / advice, its always appreciated.


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                    Just installed it on my iPhone and it correctly detected and reported where I am in Penang, Malaysia. Obviously, no use to call 000 for emergency services whilst I am here, but at least it will give me co-ords if I need them for local services here. And of course, is now on my phone for when I am back home in Oz. Great stuff.