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The Toyota Fortuner for men ad is retarded (but listen to my WHY)

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  • The Toyota Fortuner for men ad is retarded (but listen to my WHY)

    Hello everyone,

    So I heard people (retards) are offended over this, naturally. Personally, as a man, I think it's great they made it, just for having the balls to make it.

    With that said, I also think the ad is retarded.

    Firstly, the car doesn't look very masculine. It is very curvy and neat and clean. It looks like a family van more than like an adventure car. If you scratch the paint on it while driving through offroad places, I bet you still have to pay thousands to have it repaired.

    Second, the ad tells us absolutely nothing about the car except for "powerful performance". Wtf. You want to appeal to men (who love to obsess over technical details), but you give zero technical details? "Powerful performance"? Wtf does that mean?

    Third, that dude with the "Man" emblazoned metal piece in his mouth ... wtf is that supposed to tell us? Tbh it looks gay af.

    Overall, it's like the viewer is just supposed to believe it's made for men with no explanation, just because it's driving through dust. That's silly af. It's almost like the ad was made and designed by women who are more emotional about this type of stuff and just assumed that showing some gritty men and black and white and dust is automatically gonna sell this to men.

    Again, I'm glad they have the balls to make this as a statement, but as a man I still don't find the ad appealing.

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    Haven't seen this ad whilst I've been home. Where have you been seeing it (what city and TV channel?). I found this on Youtube and assume it's the same ad:

    It is from Toyota Egypt:


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      Looks like they rounded up a bunch of blokes at a Vegan protest for that ad.