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  • Fuel consumption

    Hi we just bought our 2019 gxl auto and only got 483ks to a full tank , is this normal? Thanks in advance .

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    Hi. My suburb driving fuel use is 10.5 to 12 lts p/100 kilometers. This is good for me, as I can't go far without coming to a stop sign, slowing for a round-about or stopping at traffic lights etc. Not knowing your driving habits or if its all city, suburb driving or a mix, its hard to tell, but I think you should be able to get a bit more out of the tank. Remember its only an 80 litre fuel tank. Some of us have put in sub tanks to help with fuel range.


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      Forgot to say I've steel bull bar & winch, tow bar, tradie rack, dual batt system, rear drawers, tools, half cargo barrier, & fridge slide in it 24/7. So happy with my fuel use.

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    the engine will be a bit tight for the first 10,000klm , see if it improves a bit later on. because of the DPF they are not as economical as they should be. I think mine is about 8.5l / 100 living in a regional area with flat terrain
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      We have a 2018 GXL, my wife predominately drives it 23km each way to work every day, accelerate using the economy bar graph, mostly 80kph and only 4 stop lights as we live just out of Townsville. Fuel consumption has never been below 9L/100. I ahve a 150 series Prado with 3.0L engine, exact same driving every day and get well over 10% better fuel econ.


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        Well looks like ours has problems at only 13 to 100, and worse on eco mode


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          My 2019 Crusade is just over 2 months old and it gets to around 9L per 100. i can get approx. 700Km's and I fill up about once a week.

          I drive approx.30 KM to work and back Monday to Friday - with normal stop/start suburban traffic and the odd breaks on the Tullamarine freeway at 80KM/h for 15 mins or so.

          Sometimes my kids and I will do a drive down to Geelong on a weekend fishing run, which drops the fuel down to around 8 L /100.

          I've found that driving in "Normal" mode - Not Eco - gives me the best bang per buck. It has enough balls to move her fat ass up to speed without labouring the engine in Eco mode.

          I will do a couple of weeks in Power mode only actually and see what I can get for the same daily/weekend driving we do.

          I don't have any bullbars, cargo drawers etc. other than towbar and roof rack (which I remove when not using), so i've kept the weight down to bare minimum - which obviously helps with fuel consumption.
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            my wife's stock GXL auto seems to get around mid 9's... she's got a lead foot so im suprised its that low, i have a SR5 auto hilux same engine, but bull bar, brush bars & side steps dual battery and 275/65 r18 tyres and mine is 10.5 or more, dont see 6th gear much these days unless going down hill...