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  • I need help

    New to the forum... I'm going to buy either a 2017 Crusade with 30,000k on the clock, or a new GXL, same price, same warranty. I can't decide. Any advice?

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    Good luck with the choice.

    Re warranty; if you do heaps of driving then warranty will expire a bit quicker on the 30k used Crusade, but if you drive less & warranty is more on time, Ks on the Crusade won't matter.

    Suppose it gets down to the bling & creature comforts from Crusade to GXL. If what you're really after in comfort & stuff is in both specs, get the new GXL. But if you'd rather have the extra bits & bobs, the Crusade.

    My 2015 GX was a demmo model & came with leather seats & 18" mags which blinded me a bit, plus it was much newer than my 16 yr old Patrol. On reflection I'd gladly swap the leather & rims for of what the GXL or Crusade offer. I still think that now, 3 yrs on.


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      Depends on whether you want the features or not...I would go the GXL, its new and you will know its complete history.

      You can always upgrade with aftermarket accessories if you want the features of the Crusade in time.


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        I would go the GXL, I’m happy with the GXL kit. I put seat covers on the seats with young kids. The keyless start, roof rails, and a few other things are good on the GXL. That brand new smell of all those glues / chemicals is worth it too!!