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  • Rear draws

    Is there anyone out there that has installed titan draws that could show me pics of the install using the third row anchor points?
    Had draws sitting in my garage for 4 months and hubby is dragging his feet. If anyone around Western Sydney is interested in installing a set let me know.

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    Keep car ditch hubby. Tell him its not working out & you've gotta let him go.


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      Kat I have installed a set of Titan draws in my fortuner. Very easy install. I used Prado wings which covered the ugly holes left in the side panels where ther back seats were bolted in. Made a vrery clean looking job. I drilled and bolted thru the floor and had to trim the side wings to suit. I also had to put 30 mm timber under the draws to enable draws to open with out scraping the floor trim. I am willing to let you see them so your husband knows what to do. I live in south penrith area .


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        i have the wings as well. I’ll be able to trim them down to fit.
        I’m still waiting for them to be installed. Was hoping they could be installed without drilling holes through the floor.


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          Pretty sure people have installed them by using the seat latch on the floor and other existing faster locations.

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        Kat. I bolted through the floor to get the most secure fixing . I haven't seen any that have used the third row anchor points , but with out some serious brackets the draws will vibrate and move on rough roads. That is why I bolted through the floor in the four corners. Also I don't plan on taking the draws out so the holes don't worry me.