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Servicing after Toyota 3 year /6 service pricing ends

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  • Servicing after Toyota 3 year /6 service pricing ends

    Hi guys!

    Looking at servicing options once the 3 year / 6 services cheap Toyota pricing comes to an end.
    1. Are you sticking to the 6 month/10000 km whichever comes first intervals?
    2. Do you now use an independent mechanic to perform a logbook service or just an oil and filter change, and for those mechanically minded (i'm not!) do you need to perform a logbook service or is a change in oil and filter and an overall inspection ok?
    3. How much are you paying for a service?

    Hope its far cheaper than between $333 to $715 Toyota quote online depending on which service your car is due for.



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    What is more important is getting your car serviced professionally where everything like handbrake adjustment is done properly and all the checks are done. Preventative maintenance is paramount for longevity of the vehicle.
    If the above is done at a Toyota dealership who goes above and beyond or a small workshop it doesn’t really matter.

    And if something goes wrong with my car I only have one clown I can blame......


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      Originally posted by Spook1205 View Post
      Preventative maintenance is paramount for longevity of the vehicle.
      Yep , and thats why i'll be bringing my car to you for its 6 month services , coincidentally the same time as i go to Sydney to see the kids
      2016 GX , in White


      • Spook1205
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        Sounds good to me

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      Mine's in today (Friday) for its 80k service. BUT, only using Toyota because I still have probs now & then with "hunting gears" while going around corners & roundabouts, & only lately seeing more smoke than I'm happy with when she's going through a DPF burn. Its more for recording purposes than anything else. After that its to a mechanic.


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        FYI. just dropped off the car and mentioned the dpf smoke. Was told a new dpf fix came out 2 weeks ago. Time will tell.


        • Bussa
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          Another the previous campaign failed!? LOL

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        Here we go. On pick up I was told the hunting for gears issue was due to the tyre pressures being 42 psi, meaning less tread on the road for the box to work properly. So they dropped pressures down to 29 psi as recommended by Toyota. Ta daar, problem solved? Ba Baar (wrong). The 2nd corner I went around & the 1st speed hump, she searched for the gear. It happened around another couple of corners. I only live 20 minutes from the dealership.

        New DPF procedure. I specifically asked if part of the new procedure physically involved removing the the DPF housing & cleaning it. He didn't know, so he rang the mechanics & they told him yes.


        • Spook1205
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          At least they cleaned the 5th injector housing. They should make it a regular every 20k kms.

          Do yourself a favour and put half a litre of oil in transmission. It common for auto trans specialists to overfill them. See if it helps.
          Not sure how or why they came up with the less tyre tread / gearbox thing.

          Good to see they cleaned the MAF too.

          I have never put LS90 in my diffs as it specifies a different oil. But LS90 is cheaper to buy. I have heard of this oil being used by dealerships in the diffs before.

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        Thanks Luke. I've got the aftermarket oil cooler which has been in 9-10 months, but I'll check out the level tomorrow. The tyre pressure stuff is them guessing cause they don't know.