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  • Tell us where to go………

    G’Day All……

    A club we’re members of have asked if Kim and I can arrange a weekend getaway for this members with 4X4 / AWD with clearance. The club is located in the NW sector of Sydney which would be our starting point.

    We’re assuming no more than 10 vehicles and are already considering the Turon River between Capertee and Sofala. Our plans would be a Saturday / Sunday trip on a non-school holiday weekend.

    Here’s the criteria we’re looking for in the destination.

    1: Privacy, we’re a nudist club so this is more for others benefit than ours.

    2: Be nice if it had a place to swim.

    3: Not too far, say 4 hours from Windsor.

    4: No facilities required, we’ll bring it all.

    So If you have any suggestions we’d love to know.


    Pete & Kim