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Rear fit out - removing both 2nd and 3rd row of seats

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  • Rear fit out - removing both 2nd and 3rd row of seats

    Has anybody done a rear fit out on the 4tuna?
    Fridge slide, dawers cargo barrier etc.
    With the 3rd row of seats out or both 2nd and 3rd row out.

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    I had the dealer remove the third row seats pre-delivery but haven't started the fitout yet. Will have two drawers side by side and drop slide on top for my 40 l Engel.


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      G'day Biggus,
      Would you be able to post some pics when you have he job done please?
      Are you buying commercial drawers or making your own?


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        When my GX is delivered, I'll be heading over to Off Road Systems. Not sure yet whether 2nd row seats will stay or go. Dealer will be removing 3rd row.

        I will post details and pics when fit-out is complete.
        2015 GX auto / Genuine steel bull bar, snorkel and tow package / Ultimate suspension / Rhino sliders / BFG KO2s / ORS drawers ...


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          I'm working on a board to put in the back of the Fortuner (3rd row removed) to strap the fridge and storage boxes to. I should be finished this weekend and will post some pics.
          In the meantime, here's a pic I took with the rear trim and carpet removed to get you thinking:


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            Great photo DaveC, i was wondering if there were any good mounting points for a board in the back. Apart from the 3rd row clip bolts there doesnt seem to be much to work with


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              yeah, mounting points are a bit of a problem. However, the underside of the body (i.e. the other side of that metal) is very easy to get to. The large rubber bungs in the rear corners come out and you can easily reach under the back of the car and poke your fingers through to the boot, so there are options if you can think of a way to install fixings. What I did is drill some additional small holes (near those bungs) and install 'nutserts' to bolt the rear of my board down. I also used the front-outer bolt holes from the seat clips. More photos to come when I'm finished.