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Buy yourself a OBD2 Scanner for your car and stop paying a mechanic or shop to diagno

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  • Buy yourself a OBD2 Scanner for your car and stop paying a mechanic or shop to diagno

    Hello everyone,,
    You can pick up Elentra an OBD2 scanner on amazon for $20-$30. When your check engine light comes on, plug it in (usually under the steering wheel) and scan for error codes. When you get the code, you can get more information just by typing in that code with your car make and model into google. More than likely someone had the same issue with your car model. This will save you so much money in the long run because many of the repairs can be done just by looking it up on youtube. A 10 minute video ends up saving you hundreds on repair bills.

    Remember, the only difference between you and a Mechanic is knowledge. The knowledge is now free, use google and save money on simple repairs. For those big jobs, you can hire someone to do an exact job instead of them telling you what needs to be fixed.
    Good luck!

    Edit:guys i found a site near me and it does free shipping too!!
    Thanks you!
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    I find the same thing works really good when I am feeling sick. Google searched the symptoms of my stomach ache. Self diagnosis was either gas build up or ruptured spleen.


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      Originally posted by Spook1205 View Post
      Self diagnosis was either gas build up or ruptured spleen.
      funny you should say that Luke , my daughter tried that this week but the issue ended up being gallstones. straight to Westmead for removal
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      • Spook1205
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        I trust she is ok then?

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        yes all good now thanks she is back home resting. The first hospital diagnosed an ectopic pregnancy the second hospital saw gallstones on an ultrasound. Im heading down there late this week

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      $20-30 for an OBD2 scanner. Wonder how good it actually is. You get what you pay for. I've a Scan Gauge II. I'm no mechanic nor do I understand its entire range of use, but I'd rather trust something tried & proven over the years for $200-300, with support here in Australia, especially when travelling outback. Just saying.....


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        OBD scanners just give you a rough preliminary guide on any issue . mind you they can also lead you very astray - it still takes years of experience , other testing and skill to do a proper fault find.
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          Nowadays many OBD2 scanners actually state the fault as well as the error code. It's certainly a tool that can help prevent being cheated by mechanics. although only the very expensive makes scan everything, including e.g. headlamp washers !!!


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            If it was only that easy...... said no mechanic ever.