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17in vs 18in factory wheels.

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  • 17in vs 18in factory wheels.

    Hi all I'm considering signing a contract in about 24 hrs on a 2016 GX auto (silver).

    I have negotiated what I think is a great deal but now can't decide on wheels.

    At first I kind of liked the steel wheel look but then saw the 18inch black alloys on one of the cars which I can get for an extra 1k, and they really transform the car in my opinion.

    I would prefer 17s as they are A/T tyres and also that size will be cheaper at replacement time, but to be honest 99% of driving will be on bitumen with the rest being only light 4x4 and sand driving. So maybe the 18s that come with H/T tyres aren't really a problem.

    See photos below and please share your thoughts,

    Thank you.

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    Hi Mrboajangles, the hardcore offroaders will suggest a 16-17" with sunrasia steels, etc.. but if you're >80% onroad, and can get the alloys for 1k, I think go for it.

    I am using the 18s too, very happy with it. I know 17s give more options for rubber but hey nowadays you can get the ATs for 18s too (and more options coming). although slightly premium, but then again also depends how often you change tyres anyway. And whether you're planning on lift kits.


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      Thanks for your reponse,
      I'd only be lying to myself if I thought I would ever do hardcore off-roading. Soft sand and camp sites is probably as extreme as I will ever get.


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        I have had the crusade for 6 months

        Swapped the 18 inch wheels for 17 inch rims.

        Replacements were genuine toyota but for an FJ cruiser. (I just liked the look of them) they fit fine and didn't cost much in switching costs (got good money for the old ones). All terrain tyres also fitted to new 17s and gone up one on tyre profile.

        Reason was for better off road use.

        Whatever works for you
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          That's true. 17" and 18" is just 1" difference. That's just a half inch of diameter difference.


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            The picture you have there doesn't really show a great deal of difference between the steel and alloy.
            IMHO, the alloys look a *lot* better in real-life!

            Here's my silver GX with steel and alloy wheels:

            The alloys I have are a new genuine Toyota 17" set originally for hilux. They cost me about $1000 for 4. I then got a tyre shop to swap the tyres over and balance them (~$20/tyre).
            I really wanted the GXL 17" alloy wheels, but for Toyota to source them (with toyota centre caps, nuts etc) through the spares dept. was going to cost about $700 each!

            As for size, 17" for me, because I do a fair bit of offroading.

            BTW, whilst sand may not be the most challenging offroad terrain, it is still one of those places where a taller sidewall is better as it allows you to lower the pressure further and extent the contact patch of your tyre to float over the sand.



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              my 2 cents worth, I sold my original 18 inch alloys and went 17s primarily to have more sidewall for offroad use, as DaveC mentioned something to consider. I went through my local tyre guy as I wanted to choose the tyres. I personally think more attention to tyres than wheels as that is what makes the difference. Although you need to be happy with the look There is a whole spectrum of ATs out there from highway focused to pretty aggressive, and some nice inbetweeners.

              I personally went with the BFG AT KO2's 265/70/17 on some King alloys, had change from $3k for 5 when all done and dusted ( Got a good price selling the original alloys on gumtree too... I did have to remove some of the plastic trim in the front wheel wells as I had a little rub when hitting bumps near full lock.

              Other consideration is price, from my research 17 inch tyres are generally cheaper than their 18 inch equivalent.