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  • My replacement Tuna

    Well , now that the issue has been settled i am going to share my experience relating to getting my car replaced by Toyota.

    I originally bought the car new in August 2016 , as a retirement present to myself , and cos i deserved it. Some background - I'd always owned old cars for myself and am reasonably handy so was able to keep them going for years , and to this day i dont mind doing stuff myself , within reason and experience.
    Different story with my company cars i was flipping them every 6 months , and drove everything from Sigmas and Magnas in the 1980s to Pajeros and Prados more recently. And all those cars over all those years ( with the exception of some Camiras ) all gave great service during thier warranty periods and afterwards.

    So when it came to buying for myself i had no hesitation in choosing Toyota or Mitsi i knew quite well how capable and reliable they were. And i must say that the Tuna was one of the first batch built so maybe they were still ironing out some production bugs. Over the next 3 years while in warranty at the same dealer I had over 15 issues , ranging from small stuff like a heater fan to major items like the timing chains and DPF. It had been on the back of a tilt tray 3 times , with issues like loss of coolant , transfer case actuator forks and a crook charging system. The dealer did fix everything but as usual there were delays getting parts from Japan . All this was in only 50,000klm on the clock.
    The final straw came when just prior to warranty ending the car developed a groaning noise from the front suspension. I did see some cracking to the control arm bushes but didnt think it was too bad. I mentioned it to the dealer who found nothing wrong ( surprise , surprise ). Then when the noise got worse a couple of weeks later i took it back to same dealer who about said that the bushes were buggered , the car was out of warranty and the repair was going to be about $800 as you could not buy the genuine bushes separately. They would not entertain any goodwill repairs either. So i lost it. I wrote a nice long email to Toyota head office outlining every issue that i had with the car in a chronological order. So they then requested a service history from the dealer which backed up everything i said and found a few more handwritten items the dealer didnt note on my invoices . funny that. I requested nicely that the car be replaced , under the new QLD lemon laws which had just been announced.
    So anyway after about 6 weeks Toyota got back to me and said they will give me a replacement Tuna , like for like , and it would take another 6 weeks to arrive. A great outcome and i must say i am very happy with the way that head office handled the whole matter.
    2016 GX , in White

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    Well done White One. Per my previous post re my letters & email to Toyota re the gear box, I'm still waiting. Next is another registered letter to Toyota. If nothing after that, then legal advice.


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      I had that gearbox issue as well , but that wasnt on my list to them as i thought it was normal . I also disregarded the chassis rust and paint bubbles because i live near the beach.

      There were a few other small things wrong which i disregarded , so it wasnt like i was being really fussy. I even got a second opinion on my thoughts from other qualified mechanics. I'm that hard on a car either i only do about 16,000 a year. I have a neighbour who's Hilux does 90,000 a year and that car has been great. Yet , his daughters Hilux had a buggered a timing chain at 15,000. go figure

      They have some sort of internal assessment process which determines thier course of action regarding each customers complaint. I see on Facebook that others have had a worse time than me yet they were not entitled to a replacement , just a repair. Could be a QLD lemon law thing as well.

      I'd also love to know what they do with the old cars as well - ive heard rumours everything from being crushed to being sent interstate for resale . my old car is still registered in QLD so i suspect its been resold in a second hand lot somewhere.

      2016 GX , in White