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    I'm considering upgrading my dual cab ute to a GX fortuner to accommodate 3 children better. Does anyone have 3 car seats fitted to theirs, as I have 3 under 4 years old I will need 3 car seats and am just wondering how well they'll fit.


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    we have a fortuner with 2 baby seats in it. 1 on each side. me being a big guy can still fit in between them so i beleive 3 seats would be fine


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      thanks for that. I hope they fit nicely, i'm really keen on getting one! I might go and harass the dealer to let me test mine in one

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    We have put 3 child seats in the back for 8/6/4 yo. They fit okay, but with a couple of small qualifications:

    The anchor for the centre seat is in the roof. Which might set in the way of putting bulky stuff in the boot. The other 2 anchors are in the rear of the seat, so don't have this issue.

    The other thing is that the buckles are hard to get to with all 3 seats in. Only an issue with older kids who take the seatbelt on and off rather than use a built-in harness.


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      Just be aware that you can't put kids seats in the 3 row seats as there are no anchor points. This caught me out.