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What does the Power Button do?

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  • What does the Power Button do?

    What does the Power Button actually do?

    My old 2003 Hilux has a Power Button (called ECT) and I think all it does is re-map the transmission to hold the gears a little longer. And it was pretty much the same in my previous Grand Vitara.

    Does the Fortuner do anything different. I have yet to use it as I am taking it generally quite easy until it is run-in.

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    Your accelerator pedal is a request for power. Selecting power mode and even the economy mode changes the request signal response.
    Power mode gives a more aggressive response for power with far less accelerator pedal movement. So more boost / more fuel / higher fuel rail pressure and a transmission gear selection to match the engine output.
    I personally never use economy mode, avoid power mode with wet conditions and always it now when towing.


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      the 2 modes are great once you get used to them. In my case I never use PWR mode around town or in traffic , but I always use it on the open road or while towing. Having said that , be careful using power mode when overtaking at over 100kph , as you may get a false sense of security and run out of boost when approaching 3000rpm
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