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2005 air vents blocked?

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  • 2005 air vents blocked?

    hello, i have a 2005 fortuner, and the aircon vents only blow half the time, but when its blocked i still hear the air blowing from inside but its not coming out, and when i check the cabin air filter under the glove box, theres no filter so i guess its been empty for a while, what can i do please to check the problem out?

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    Hey briffdog. I have a 2006 and there isn't a filter in mine either. I've read in other blogs that you can install a Hilux filter as the cabin is the same. I believe it was on a blog in South Africa. I would check to ensure the vent position knob actually works. When you move it from Defrost to dashboard etc. does it change where the air is blown. maybe the little motor or circuit board needs fixing.