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Warranty - dual battery system

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  • Warranty - dual battery system

    In the Fortuner space has been allocated and left to fit a dual battery. Is this the exact same space and dimensions as the new Toyota Hilux? I contacted Toyota Australia and asked if they had a recommendation on maximum weight that the dual battery could be without causing potential damage to battery tray or structural damage to vehicle avoiding any warranty claims. They replied with "they are still developing an appropriate tray and battery for the dual battery system, so can not recommended anything at present, but keep an eye on the Toyota News section as they will announce it, when they do"

    Does anyone have a recommendation on an appropriate tray and battery weight? ARB recommended Century (100 aH) as it is lighter than Fullriver equivalent in similar aH's. I've heard that Fullriver are pretty good. They advised that installing too heavier battery can potentially cause fatigue to the vehicle. Which made me think about the warranty issues.

    I have also heard that Redarc are developing a Lithium battery system, that is much lighter than most current AGM deep-cycle battery systems.

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    I installed the Century (100 aH) deep cycle. The lithium battery will be great but probably costly $$$.


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      Cheers Bugeye. Are you happy with it? ARB recommended Century as they are less weight. The sales person was advising not to go with Fullriver due to being too heavy. He was basing his knowledge on fitting loads of Hilux's with similar dual battery systems. He stated that the engine bay in the Fortuner was that of a Hilux.


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        Yes quite happy, holds good charge and wasn't a pain the the back to install.