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  • Acceptable Fuel Consumption

    I have a late '18 GXL with around 6.5k on the clock. I am slightly concerned about its diesel fuel consumption in light of the DPF issue and as it is not been driven that often, it’s difficult to gauge whether it is within acceptable norms.

    According to Toyota, the fuel consumption should be in the range of 8.6L/100km combined, 11L/100km Urban and 7.3L/100km extra-urban.
    My average seems to be 10.1L/100 for mainly rural driving. I acknowledge that various factors such as driving behaviour, vehicle loading, wind drag, etc also plays a role.
    I tend not to race the engine, drive at moderate speeds and have a fair amount of wind drag caused by my FrontRunner roofrack.

    Should I be concerned or is this an acceptable fuel consumption?

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    its hard to say , most people seem to report around the 10l / 100mark. Mine is slightly less , and i never use the dash display ( its only a rough guide ) i always work it out on distance travelled and the amount i put in at the bowser. At 6500klms the engine is not quite loose yet , they seem to loosen up and improve economy at around 10k.
    2016 GX , in White


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      The figures you have are pretty standard and I think quite acceptable, also at 6500kms is not enough kms to even have a DPF issue.
      Short start stop trips and lack of service is the long term killer for your engine. Although you don’t use it much this shouldn’t be an issue at all if you do put some kms on it when you do.


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        I think that's within an acceptable range.

        I get 9.4 on average - highway driving, bullbar, wince, side steps, and brush bars.

        The engine will continue to open up, 6.5k is very new, see what your average say at 15k, it will change.



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          My GX is just short of 18k, and from new I have averaged around 8.7 consistently in combined driving (though a leaning to country as I live up in the Adelaide Hills). I am not a lead foot, but neither do I go out of my way to be economical.

          I find the onboard meter to be pretty close to my little excel fuel calculator I keep on my phone.