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Frasier Island trip

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  • Frasier Island trip

    Just came back from a trip to Frasier Island and the Fortuner performed like a beast. It handled everything I threw at the car and I am very impressed with the auto on this car. I did not even disable the traction control as some people have suggested in other forums I have read. I never needed to even engage 4L and saw many people get bogged in areas where the fortuner had no issues.

    I am keen to hear any other stories and experiences

    cheers and happy new year

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    That is pretty much the same experience that I have had in the past on Fraser Island. All I did was lower tyres to 18psi for the time there.
    Did the recent fires affect your time over there?


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      No issue with the fires as they were mostly all out , however you can see the damage that was done. Went through the rain forest drive to get to lake Mackenzie and that seemed fine which was a relief as it’s an amazing contrast to see on Frasier.