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  • Crusade headlights

    So I was driving in the country last weekend just after dark and there was quite a bit of traffic on the road.

    Weirdly, just about every second oncoming car was flashing me as if I had my hi-beam on. I have a Crusade with the Bi-LED headlights, but I’ve not had any problems, or that I’ve noticed before.

    Has anyone else had a similar experience?

    Can they be adjusted? If so awesome that’s a dealer job?


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    Not sure if you've got it on the crusade, but my 2015 GX has a headlight adjuster on the right hand side of the dashboard, basically above the brake / accelerator.


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      Not adjustable on the Crusade - it's automatic leveling.

      Many people flash me as well. The lights are brilliant and least you as the driver can see. Too bad about oncoming motorists!


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        I've got a 2020 crusade and get a few flashes.
        The ones that leave their HB on for too long I hit them with my spotties 🤯🤯🤯


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          You are not alone mate people flash me like that for no reason


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            i ve just seen on the FB site that the 2020 models have lost the dash switch for headlight adjustments , but there is still a manual adjustment bolt on the back of the headlight
            2019 GX , in White