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Toyota Fortuner 2015 GX - Clunk/Knock sound from front right wheel area

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  • Toyota Fortuner 2015 GX - Clunk/Knock sound from front right wheel area

    Hello ladies and gents,

    Apologies if this has been posted somewhere else and answered before, I've searched the internet and had no luck in solving this particular issue. I have also taken my car to multiple mechanics who have also had a look (and watched the video) but can't seem to find the issue and sometimes can't make the clunking/noise happen during inspection (so they rule it out as nothing) so I decided to create an account to ask this question - if this has been answered before/somewhere please link me or let me know.

    I have noticed some sort of clunk / metallic knocking sound in the front right wheel well - usually at the start of the drive, either coming out of the driveway or simply by turning the wheel. This sound doesn't happen regular throughout the drive but does happen almost every time I get in to drive the car. (about 1 or 2 clunks per trip). Sometimes the sound occurs when I drive up the kerb into the drive way at low speeds or by doing a U-turn with full steering lock at low speeds.

    I know its hard to diagnose the issue with only a video and no proper inspection but I was hoping to get some insight from anyone who may know or is experiencing the same thing as me? the video link can be found below. I just want to make sure I can find the issue and solve it to prevent any further/future possible damage. Any ideas or solutions would be greatly appreciated!

    Vehicle Info:
    - Completely stock (apart from aftermarket wheels)
    - Toyota Fortuner GX 2015
    - 99200km
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    couple of things you can check for starters - look for a crack in the backing plate ( inboard of the brake disc ) , or check the large nut at the top of the shock absorber , could be loose. My money is on the shock absorber nut. also check the 3 strut mounting bolts while there.
    surely if a mechanic stuck his head under there while someone turned the wheel he would see something.
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