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REFUEL Warning When Approaching Empty Tank

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  • REFUEL Warning When Approaching Empty Tank

    Greetings all,

    I was wondering how many of you have kept on driving when the fuel warning or REFUEL message (i.e. when you've driven beyond the Distance To Empty) and what sort of extra range you're getting?
    i have never driven a car with such an inaccurate distance to empty calculation.
    My fuel warning light comes on and I then wait for the REFUEL message to appear and find I can easily keep driving for at least another 100km.
    i just filled my car up after driving at what one would expect to be 'critical' fuel level and only managed to squeeze in 74 litres.

    Maybe the car has a 'reserve' tank nobody knows about?


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    Based on my experience, the light comes on when there is 20 litres left in the tank. The closest I've come to being empty is a 78 litre fill. I get almost exactly 10 litres per 100 kms so on that basis I still have about 200kms from when the light comes on.


    • RALF
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      Thanks for clarifying this.

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    According to the trip meter, when my fuel light comes on I have 40kms to go..... Does everyone else get that distance come up? Ive only done it once and drove it to 28kms but I cant recall the total litres filled.....


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      Mine on average 75km the light appears. Drove it to 15km but can't remember the litres, was paying attention to the $ instead


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        My fuel light came on in the country.
        I drove for another 25kms. then filled it to the brim & only fitted 64ltrs. in the tank.

        It seems wildly inaccurate.

        I've done approximately 5000kms since I got the car (ex demo) & fill it up every time I need diesel,.
        Recording all the data on my phone my average usage is 10.53ltrs/100kms. (mainly city driving & towing my boat down the coast).
        Which works out to be 759kms per 80ltrs yet every single time I fill up it says range is 694kms.

        Not sure how the trip computer works it out. I reset the average fuel use & trip computer every fill.

        It'd be actually useful if it was accurate.
        Not sure why the trip computer can't work out your actual range using the average fuel usage for that tank.

        Seems a bit lazy.


        • RALF
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          Maybe if we reset the display language to Thai it all comes good?

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        Ditto, when my low fuel light comes on the trip computer says 40km to empty. Usually takes 60 something litres... Wildly inaccurate to the point I feel the trip meter is a better fuel gauge


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          Wildly inaccurate to the point I feel the trip meter is a better fuel gauge[/QUOTE]

          I agree 100%.


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            Just had mine filled up this afternoon. Fuel light came up at 43km to go, drove down to 41km to go (although I think actual distance is less than 2km). Filled up to 65.35 litres of 7-11 juice, heheh


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              So you should get @ least another 100kms.
              More likely a lot more.


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                Seems like it, ...assuming 80litres capacity fuel tank & 15 litres remaining, but doesn't feel like can drive that far. Will monitor the trip meter now.


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                  With the fuel light coming on & the distance to empty figure saying 0 you'd think you're screwed.
                  But even if you only put 75ltrs in your tank @ 10ltrs./100kms.
                  Well the maths says you can drive a lot further.

                  Either the distance to empty is lying or the fuel tank capacity is overstated or the odometer is wrong.


                  • Kiat
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                    Good point... I really hope the fuel tank is not overstated, like the 275mm ground clearance.

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                  I might push it (not literally) but carry some fuel on-board and drive until the engine stops to see how inaccurate Mr fuel gauge is from the point when the 'Refuel' message appears.


                  • Monaz
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                    Exactly!!! Just remember to make sure you prime the pressure in the fuel filter before trying to re-start. Then just simply run it off kms travelled. The whole distance to empty computer controlled stuff is a gimmick and rubbish. It's never been accurate, and I've driven for an hour with my meter reading 0kms!!!!

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                  That would be a useful experiment! I did it with my last car when I was preparing for a desert crossing... Let us know how it goes.

                  Hopefully starving the engine doesn’t cause any problems? (it didn't with my fuel injected, naturally aspirated petrol engine), you could get an expert opinion first..

                  Last night I let the distance remaining get to 0 (about 40ks past when red light came on), then I went about another 10klms further and it took about 69L iirc.


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                    interesting .i guess if you turn it off at the first sign of running out you should be right (wouldnt know how to bleed it.


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                      The manual states that the fuel warning light comes on when there is approximately 12L remaining.

                      This explains why the effective range is over 100km after the light comes on.

                      Surely there wouldn't be much point receiving a warning when the fuel tank was almost empty.

                      I am happy to receive the warning with plenty of range to find fuel.
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