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Reset on MID (Eco Saving) does not work

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  • Reset on MID (Eco Saving) does not work

    Hi There,

    for some odd reason the reset on the MID for Eco Saving screen does not work. Nothing happens when pressing the "reset" button.
    There is no problem to reset e.g. the "current" screen .

    Any ideas?

    Many thanks in advance

    Screenshot: I am talking about (2) "The function can be reset by..." - that is not working.
    Click image for larger version

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    The reset button only resets Trip A & B or change brightness. If you want to reset the ECO ltr/100km, use the update button in the ECO app on the multimedia player.


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      Hi Kiat,

      you completely misunderstood me. I have no problem with the Multimedia screen. I am talking about the MID - and for that the reset-button is on the steering wheel. Not talking about the trip reset button. See my screenshot.

      As I learned from the Fortuner forum in South Africa now, it is a core software error - all people (at least in South Africa) also have the problem.



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        I know the ⏺ button on steering wheel, pressing more than 1 sec works fine for me. Just suggesting an alternative way to reset the ltr/100km reading.


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          "pressing more than 1 sec works fine for me. " also on Eco Saving screen or only on the "current" screen (where it also works fine with me)?


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            By the way, resetting the Eco on multimedia screen does not reset any ECO settings on the MID :-(


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              There should be a 'Update' button on bottom right of the Eco app screen that shows a bar graph. But I suggest you inform your servicing dealer on your next service, to confirm whether the steering wheel buttons are functioning.


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                Hi Kiat,

                maybe I made myself not clear enough. The reset button on the steering wheel is working on every single MID screen, except the Eco Saving. But as I found out from the dealer it is a software problem and thus the case in all new Fortuners.



                • Kiat
                  Kiat commented
                  Editing a comment
                  Where in my post did I say there is a problem with your multimedia screen or problem with your steering button ?
                  I think you are the one who misunderstood 😀

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                Hi Ppan,

                Glad to see someone else has noticed this. Not a big deal for me as I generally want to see average consumption since the last refuel and you can get that on one of the other screens.