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    Hi fellas. Just wondering what kind of fuel economy you've been getting. I started at 8.6 l/100 with my manual. but it has varied wildly between 8.6 and 9.8 on general part side road/main road/freeway combination driving. Last week general driving was indicating bout 9.3 at half tank and did a long run of 250 k with it which ended up giving 8.4l/100 at the pump overall. Crazy good economy on the open road. Seems general driving is getting poor and open road driving is getting awesome. Mine is a manual. Just wondering what others are getting.

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    I'm getting just over 9 with the auto. The mix of driving is 60% highway and 40% urban. I still cant work out why the Prado claims 8.0 with the same engine and fulltime 4wd and the fortuner only gets a claimed 8.6. I assume it is to do with the transmission?


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      I haven't been using it for long distance driving but least recorded at 10.7L. Also, I find it that engine is having hard time climbing steep roads, then I have to use the the power mode. Has anyone encountered this issue too?


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        Possibly you're using the eco mode. Switch it off and let the normal mode take over and it should be fine. If you switch off both eco and power you are running in normal mode . You may already know that. Also what gear are you driving in? This thing won't climb steep hills at 100kph in 6th gear at 1500 revs. At 100kph up a steep hill you should be back in 5th or if you have a load on back in 4th even. It's pretty much the same as any other car, just pick a gear for the condtions. If your fuel consumtion is really heavy check if you have left 4wd on by mistake, but that should make steering a bit hard on corners, so I doubt it's that. Keep revs within the torque range for best results about 1700 to 2500 rpm seems the go for me mate..
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          I'm getting 8.5 average on my GX manual from the first two refills according to the trip meter but a bit better than that on a long highway run ... 750kms from 59 litres which is high 7s


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            I'm in a GXL manual. I've had a couple of tanks out on country roads, with both returning 8.5. I also watched the economy while in 4wd on dirt and it only went up slightly (8.7). Around town I'm getting 9 - 9.2, which is ok as it includes plenty of stop / start in peak hour.

            [Edit at 9000km]. Sydney-Canberra the other day returned 7.3. Have also just done a few hundred coastal hwy km towing a total of ~2.7T with a dual axle trailer, and that got me 12.6. I'm on a Star Card so this is all Caltex Vortex
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              Hi, GXL Auto, we're getting 8.6 as an average which is 50/50 Highway/C class country road & inner city traffic. Did notice one thing on our trip, if we got Premium (Caltex Vortex) Diesel we would average 8.8L but when we had Diesel from a high flow tank in outback NSW it was more like 10L/100km. It could have just been a coincidence.


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                I'm getting 8.8L on Crusade auto 80-100kmh highway / mix 50-70km inroads, on Caltex, vehicle unloaded.


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                  I got 7.9 from my second tank. It was about 80% highway, I also got 850kms and i had just under 16ltrs left in the tank once the fuel light came on. To me that seems pretty good but its my first 4wd and new car. we had a getz before this that used 40ltrs for about 450kms so for a big car it doesnt chew through it


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                    I have a GX Auto with a steel bar and live in the Adelaide Hills.

                    I have been doing about 90% city/hills and 10% open road.

                    Over 3000km the car is telling me I am getting 9.9l/100km

                    I haven't kept receipts to check the accuracy but that seems about right.

                    I'm heading to Vic next week so I should have some good country driving numbers when I am done.


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                      I have a GX auto.
                      I have an average of 8.7L/100km after 7500klm, I drive at the limit and same up the hills.
                      I will reset the trip computer next trip up north after a service.
                      I will have a small off road caravan soon and that will make a difference, I will post the results towing later.


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                        I just returned from a trip to Falls Creek from Adelaide. The results below are actuals from fuel receipts, not as reported by the computer.

                        My best economy for a tank was 8.4l/100km which was all highway driving and my worst was 9.7l/100km which included driving over Tawonga Gap and up to Falls Creek.

                        My average for the entire trip of 2050km was 8.98l/100km.

                        That is for a lightly loaded GX Auto with a steel bull bar. I drove at the speed limit whenever possible but accelerated reasonably quickly, especially while driving up the mountains. Basically I didn't baby it at any time and floored it when overtaking.

                        I was pleased with the way it drove. I have done this trip a few times over the last 6-7 years and I got home this time feeling the least tired from any of them. Last time I took my GU Patrol I was shattered when I got home.




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                          I just filled up my tank for the first time and got 719km from just under 71 liters of fuel.
                          I have a Crusade auto with a steel Nudge Bar and live in the Adelaide Hills and travel a total of just over 50Km per day to get to work and home up and down the freeway.
                          The car has now done 820 Km so I am hopeful the economy will start to improve after things losen up a bit.




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                            Would be interesting to know if they do become more efficient as they get a few k's on them mine only has 600 on it ATM

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                          I use an app called fuelio that works a treat to keep track of receipts and price the car is costing you. Gives you reminders of services and stuff too. Used it on my little Jimny as has no computer to tell me.


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                            Out of curiosity... what is the point of the car asking me how much the fuel was? Every time i fill up i enter the fuel price, but i havent found what its actually for. Is there a setting somewhere that shows how much you spend? i have the GXL, so maybe its a Crusade thing