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Noisy idle??

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  • Noisy idle??

    Ive noticed over the past week or so that it seems the car has a louder idle when in gear (auto).
    When I select neutral it is a quiet idle but select drive and its loud again......
    Im pretty sure its not the burn off.....
    Car runs fine, same fuel economy......

    Anyone else got this?

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    I've noticed the same. Not sure but sounds like tappet noise?!? Also sounds as though its revving just a bit more but still around 7550rpm?, but fuel economy is still around 10-11 lts/100 city driving. Not too sure, but it seems to have happened just after the 10,000 service. The 20,000 service will be on the road during a trip to SA, into the NT & return to Sydney, & will mention it to the service guys.

    Cars fairly packed so it'll be interesting to see what fuel consumption is like. Photos will follow of the loaded car & hopefully GVM details (will try to get to a weigh station while its loaded)... just curious.


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      If the noise is like loose tappets it could be injector rattle. The injectors on my Land Cruiser were always noisy & very noticeable but it's a normal noise from high pressure common rail injector systems.
      Get it checked out if you're concerned.


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        Hi guys

        Unsure of the technical terms, however all auto Fortuners (in fact all auto cars) have these characteristics.

        When neutral is selected ,the vehicle is not in gear. Idle noise is more subdued and the car isn't 'trying' to move forward. When selected in D or any other forward or reverse gear, the gear is engaged and the car will move. Applying the break creates resistance increasing idle noise, steering vibration and a push for the car to move as the gear is engaged. Manuals do not have any these characteristics. Being a diesel also magnifies these characteristics, including the change and increase in noise when in gear!

        Cheers Josh


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          Don't have noisey idol but my Fortuner idols on 1100 to 1200 here and there. Don't know why doe?


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            Hi Tonks. The high idle usually happens on an active DPF regen. They are triggered automatically based on distance and fuel usage. Nothing to worry about.


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              Cool, thanks for that Kzen


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                My noisy idle isnt overly noisy. Its only noisy when its a cold morning..... Havnt had many of those here in the Illawarra -so i havnt heard it much.
                Also my DPF idle is pretty much same as standard but i get the smell from the burn off pretty bad.......


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                  Hi all. Over the past month I've noticed the engine sounds as though the RPMs are faster/louder. A few weeks ago after driving for about 40 minutes, I pulled over to monitor the RPM via the scan gauge. It showed 850 RPM in park, neutral, & in drive (while I had my foot on the brake).

                  Coincidentally, I've noticed a slight increase in fuel consumption by about 1 ltr p/100 kms. Does 850 rpm seem high? I now the Tuner is different to my previous GU Patrol, but the GU ran at 750 rpm.

                  Should I be worried?


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                    was it doing a burn at the time you were measuring the RPM ? quite a few have noticed an increase in consumption , most likey due to the latest DPF update
                    2016 GX , in White


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                      No, not undergoing a DPF burn which I know uses more fuel. The scan gauge is always set to monitor ATF, Coolant temp, DPF%, & Temp (for the DPF), so I can see via the scan gauge she's undergoing a burn. I scrolled through to the RPM field to see the 850 RPM.

                      Usually my daily L/100 use is high 11s to high 12s (stop/start driving). Its been high 13s & into 14s past few weeks. I keep monitoring the consumption/driving habits to suss it out.

                      If the 850 RPM is the correct range for the Tuners that's fine. But rightly or wrongly, I'm thinking it should be 750 RPM.?


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                        850rpm is normal idle. 900rpm when doing a burn (for an auto)


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                          Thanks dandin, gotta be the way I've been driving lately.