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Blurring Number Plates

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  • Blurring Number Plates

    This always puzzles me. Could someone please explain the reasoning behind blurring number plates when posting. Everyone can see your number plates when you drive around, so what's the difference when posting?
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    Hmmm... good question. I started doing it for posting to forums after a discussion with friends years ago. The privacy (and other) reasons don't really stand any longer so I guess it's a habit for me now more than anything else.


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      It used to be for people who posted photos of them doing illegal acts (eg performance cars doing burnouts etc) or if you were offroad where you shouldnt be. Its always good to try and keep things anonymous online so people cant trace your whereabouts etc. Just depends how paranoid you are


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        Privacy once lost, is lost forever.


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          i know your rego expiry is 28 April 2017, your 3rd party insurer as well and the last 4 digits of your chassis/vin. Which i would guess the rest of your blocked out numbers are the same as mine.


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            You could get that information on anyone on the road and all in all there's not much value in it by itself. What makes it worse on forums is that you can then apply that to a "person" and possibly link up other details across posts. That's where the privacy issues start. It's not about doing illegal acts or hiding. It's more to do with how much of your personal info do you want to make available in one place?

            I personally think that online privacy is gone in any case. So much being tracked and linked at the moment it's hard to stay anonymous. *Waits for someone to mention the census*