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Handbrake uptake

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  • Handbrake uptake

    Hi guys

    I find the handbrake in the Fortuner to be rather ineffective unless completely wretched. It requires to be fully wretched before it will actually stop the car. What ever happened to 3 or 4 clicks...

    Is this normal operation? Given the handbrake inst electric like may rivals, id expect a decent handbrake that doesn't require it to be yanked on in the fully wretched position to have any effect. I wouldn't trust it on any steep hill.



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    Mine was the same so I asked them to adjust it at the first service.


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      Thanks! I will do the same. Hopefully it remains adjusted between services...


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        Handbrake cables always stretch, more so when they are new. Landcruisers are renowned for having horrible handbrakes. Main thing to remember is that you dont need to pull it on as hard as possible, just enough to stop the car rolling. That will stop any undue stretch from reefing it on super hard and leaving it locked overnight etc.

        If you are lucky, under the handbrake cover in the cab, there might be an adjuster, just give it a few turns until you get the 3-4clicks again.


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          Mine was the same.

          Having had serious doubts about the quality of the service at my local Toyota (they did a terrible job of fitting the tow bar), I decided to just see if they would fix it themselves at the 1000k check.

          Sadly it was exactly the same when I picked it up, despite "check hand brake" being at item on the service sheet they gave me. I immediately grabbed someone from the service dept. and showed them that I couldn't hold it on their driveway without reefing the stick as far as I could. They fixed it after that, but of course never admitted to it being out-of-spec in the first place...

          Their loss, I won't be back.


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            Mine is the same but nearly always park on the flat so haven't worried too much


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              They did mine during the 10K service and made a noticeable difference.
              Adelaide Hills Toyota know their trucks backwards.


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                My crusade is the same.... They didnt adjust it at the 1000km inspection. But its having the 10K service this friday and the number 1 issue is the handbrake......