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  • Holiday Driving experience

    First stop, Ballina...

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    Few issues Ive had whilst driving on an auto. Climbing up some steepy roads, engine is quite struggling. Then whilst braking on downhill roads, engine revs up and Im not sure if this is normal. I felt like my brake was actually not working and I kind of panicked abit. Anyone have same experience. Anyway I got here at Coffs Harbour safe😀


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      hello river

      I got same auto crusade around 2 months, the problem I got is similar to you, which is louder engine sound, feel struggle at random time, downhill is ok for me, but when car from stop to move at traffic light or similar situation, engine sound suddenly louder , then will contine for some time.

      one of member here post similar problem and analysis it is DPF issue, it is nothing wrong with engine.

      so, pay a little bit attention to this issue for your next kms, BTW, a very nice car!


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        Hi maxnan,
        Yeah sounds a bit of a worry but i will try and assess it in my next few kms. Driving next to port mac quarrie and so far those are my little issues.


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          Yeah, I had brakes not working when I first got my car. On the way home brakes seemed to not work very well. Checked wheels aafter I got home and one front wheel had grease on the disc rotor.Cleaned it off and then found the brake was grabbing on that wheel. Went away after a few days. Interesting these dealer workshops. Good way to solve a known pre delivery problem.


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            One thing I have noticed mostly is the crackling kinda vibrating sounds whilst car is running faster. I have been noticing this on most of my motorway trips. Its similar to like a loud tin crackles but I am not sure of wether this is normal at all. Any advise guys????