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Recalls, Faults and Warranty issues

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  • Recalls, Faults and Warranty issues

    I thought it might be worth starting a thread to keep track of any issues that have been sorted out through warranty claims, that we all should be getting fixed. 👊💪😏

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    The manual gearbox gets sticky after long drives I read this is because the oil isn't getting through to the higher gears. The fix was some holes being drilled for more oil flow. I can't wait to get this sorted out.

    Another thing I'll be asking about is the fuel gauge reading E and warning light on mine comes on with near 20L left in the tank, I know there needs to be a safety margin but even on 33's I'd get almost 200k out of that. It seems excessive to me.


    • bugeye
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      I'd recommend this to all manuals as even if you are not having the same symptoms, your gearbox might still be suffering with inadequate oil.

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    I was just reading on a hilux forum that there is a new update coming for the system that will rectify the fuel gauge issue


    • Bussa
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      What a relief. Overly conservative Toyota at it again!

    • Rjstokes
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      Me too! We pulled over on the Stuart Highway in the pouring rain to refill with a Jerry. When we filled up, we would have been fine! Still had 20+ l I the tank. Won't do that again!

    • Caleb HGT
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      😂😂😂, that sux. I would of been pissed if that's how I worked out it was incredibly shit.

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    Window trims below rear and side windows are loose if you tap them, this will eventually rub the paint off behind the trim causing rust. Both my tunas have been like this.
    Also even with multiple wheel balances and rim tyre combos there is still a shake from the rear of the vehicle also evident on both of my tunas.
    Cheers Dave
    2015 GX Auto


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      Auto transmission slippage when cold. Some dealers reprogram, others wont touch it. Apparently a formal service campaign is being rolled out.


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        My 2010 corolla sedan 4 spd auto cvt slips too.
        Its a normal thing for cvt haha
        But my forty cvt isnt slipping yet and i flaw it all the time


        • Monaz
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          4spd CVT? Ummmmmmmmmmmmm..........hahaha

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        I recently purchased a demo 2015 GX (100km). Two issues in the first 800 km..

        1 .. Occasionally (twice), after turning off the engine, then turning back on, I could put the vehicle into Drive, but could not proceed i.e. the accelerator was not responsive. I also noticed (eventually) that the engine warning light was on. If I then put the vehicle back into Park, turned off the engine, then turned on again it worked ok.
        2 .. Occasionally (twice), when coasting down a steepish hill at about 80-90km/hr the vehicle suddenly dropped back through 2 or 3 gears. It was revving at about 4500 rpm until it slowed down.

        I took the vehicle back to the dealer and they tested the electronics. They mentioned that there appeared to be some 'low voltages' in the system that MAY have been due to the vehicle being jump-started when in the car yard. They made relevant adjustments and I haven't had a recurrence of either issue. Hope this is useful for future reference.


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          Gary2; my auto GX does the same going down hills. What was the fix? & was it done under warranty? My next service is at 30k, so I'll get Toyota to check it out then, & also the fuel gauge issue.


          • Gary2
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            Not much more to add. The 'fix' was apparently some adjustment to the electronics due to 'low voltages' (their words) i.e they ran a diagnostics test. It was done under warranty. Since then it appears ok with the gearbox dropping back one gear when coasting down a hill and touching the brake. This would appear to be the expected transmission response rather than the sudden change through 2 or 3 gears. They were unsure as to what may have caused the problem.

            I also noted these articles ..



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          I have the same problem too when going downhill, transmission suddenly downshifts several gears. Would be dangerous if another vehicle trailing behind.

          i have highlighted this to Toyota, no testing nothing, but service spontaneously replied, 'it's normal'; .... really (?) 👎 response from them.


          • jason216
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            It is normal called engine break. It would not do harm to your engine, no extra fuel consumed either. Most of the auto transmissions now are like this. It helps you keep at a constant speed when down hill without use too much break.

          • Kiat
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            Sure is engine braking, but more than necessary, albeit on excessive side, since I was not towing anything.

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          Our auto GX has just had its 10k Toyota service. We were having a similar problem were the car would rev out and struggle to pick the correct gear. I mentioned this on my service and the guy who was serving me also had a fortuner and has run into the same problem. He said it was the clearances with the tail shaft, they needed adjusting. Once i had the service done and the shaft fixed it was very responsive and running great. I asked if this was common problem and he said his seen about 30 similar cases with the fortuner and the new hilux.


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            had the same problem, i'll bring it up before my next service, cheers


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              I thought I commented on Anthony Loendis question but it doesn't appear to be listing. So in reply to his questions.
              Work was done under warranty. Supposedly, the service centre's diagnostic process showed 'low voltages' (their words) in the electronics and they made adjustments/repaired. They surmised, though did not really know, that this may have been due to jump-starting the vehicle. Since the repair I have not had a repeat of either problem. When coasting down hills at around 90km/hr and touching the brake the transmission drops one gear only, and this feels ok.

              I noted the following articles in relation to 'Shift-shock'




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                Righto I had my 10k service and the gear box getting tight issue is now fixed😀. What Newcastle Toyota told me was oil can't get past a pin in the box and it was creating hydraulic lock. Replaced the pin problem solved.


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                  I had a good look over (and under) the car before my 40k/24mnth service and noticed the transfer case was dirty/oily (though not dripping). A leak was confirmed at the service and car was rebooked a few weeks later for warranty repair. Good service as usual from Canberra Toyota Phillip, no hassles. Posting here to see if it's a common issue or not?


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                    Originally posted by DaveC View Post
                    I had a good look over (and under) the car before my 40k/24mnth service and noticed the transfer case was dirty/oily (though not dripping). A leak was confirmed at the service and car was rebooked a few weeks later for warranty repair. Good service as usual from Canberra Toyota Phillip, no hassles. Posting here to see if it's a common issue or not?
                    i havent heard of that before , but i'll keep an eye out now
                    2016 GX , in White