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Promote good dealers and shame the usless ones

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  • Promote good dealers and shame the usless ones

    Big thumbs up for the pre and after sales service at Ian Weigh Rockhampton.

    Big thumbs down to Bundaberg toyota, couldn't find loose window trims and said they checked fluids but I watched on their service camera and they didn't even check and washer bottle down 1litre.
    Cheers Dave
    2015 GX Auto

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    Big thumbs down to National Capital Toyota Tuggeranong (Canberra).

    They totally messed up the pre-delivery towbar install. The wiring was not properly routed or secured with zipties, wasn't sealed through the firewall nipple, and was barely secured at all in the rear (ECU was hardly stuck on), the earth return in the rear wasn’t even connected, so there was no signal at the plug! They clearly didn’t test it. Finally the trim was loose all down the left side of the car where they routed the wiring. Terrible. I pointed all this out (yay for for official instruction sheets) and gave them a chance to fix it. They fixed the visible bits, but when I removed the trim to run my own fridge wiring it was still very shoddy and non by-the-book.

    At the 1000k check they missed the fact that the handbrake was very loose, despite it being one of the items in the printed checklist I got back... Had to have them fix that after I demonstrated I couldn't hold it on their own driveway...

    Sadly I won't be back, pity as it's a convenient location for me.



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      Sorry to hear that. I had better service from Fyshwick for delivery, Toyota genuine accessories and 1000km but am now using Sydney City in Glebe which have been even better, cheers Geoff

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    I've had my fair share of dodgy dealings at the dealership (ford) but they fixed everything up eventually. (i've had a number of Fords in the past 10 years: BA MKII, BF MKII, FG, SZ Territory)

    So far so good with Midland Toyota (WA), I found a dent in the bonnet post delivery (it was actually visible in the photo i took of the car upon delivery but didn't think much of it (new car excitement)) but they were like no problem bring it in and we'll take a look and sure enough they fixed it for free which was awesome


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      Big Shoutout to Toyota Maitland. They gave me a GXL Wheel upgrade for my GXauto, they also sent the black wheels with the car when I collected it, so it will get mud tyres very soon. A big discount was given as well. Good trade-in value for a previous Toyota car, pretty much straight forward purchase with no dramas. A lot of freebies from ARB, and a $730 voucher from a photo studio, extended warranty and a lot of stuff. The towbar was well presented and professionally installed. Maitland Toyota!