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Isuzu MU-X vs Fortuner

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  • Isuzu MU-X vs Fortuner

    In the current market I think this is one of the most directly competitive vehicles to the Fortuner.

    • Same Engine Power
    • Top model comes with DVD player for the kids
    • Slightly lighter
    • Better ground clearance on the mid and top range models
    • Drive away pricing better value
    • 3000kg Towing across the range

    • Better Dealer Network when you are banging around the bush far from home
    • More Torque
    • Rear view camera as standard
    • Better fuel consumption
    • 6 Speed on the manual
    • May hold value better for resale as most Toyotas tend to do
    I think these vehicles are very similar and other than driving them for yourselves I think it may come down to what you need it to do. Isuzu overall better priced but I think if you are going more seriously bush, you may want to consider the Toyota dealer network as being the major benefit...
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    I considered the MU-X and the Colorado 7 before buying my Fortuner. Holden leant me a Colorado 7 for a week to try it out. It felt way less refined than the Fortuner - handled much more like a truck. The Colorado and MU-X are built on the same platform, so when the Colorado was very agricultural in handling I didn't look into the MU-X any further.

    There's also a reasonable difference in torque with the Fortuner on top, so while they both claim to tow 3T, I'd rather have a big load behind the Fortuner.

    I'm in a manual Fortuner and the MU-X has a 5sp compared to the newer 6sp in the Fortuner, so that was another consideration.


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      I took an MUX for a test drive, the first thing that i noticed was how much you could hear the engine from inside the cab. I made my wife take it for a drive too, then we walked over to the Toyota dealership and drove the Fortuner. As soon as she pulled back into the dealership she said to buy this as it is a much nicer ride, quieter and feels more refined


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        I do have a mate that loves his one, and it has served him well so far (when he isnt getting stuck in the sand, ). There is something a bit more refined about a Toyota in general though and he has never had to tow anything.
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          off MUX topic...
          Before i purchased my Fortuner, test drove the new Pajero Sport, I felt every little bump/ pot hole in the cabin and through steering vibration in the 30min test drive around Brisbane. The car had lots of body roll and stopping in traffic light car slightly rocked (back & forth) until stationary. The gear box (6 speed) keep dropping to 1/2 around town at low speeds/ around corners and felt jerky for a new car. The car is packed with options but i guess Mitsi is trying to compete with the current vehicles in the market. Mitsi's customer service was terrible. Me and Misses had to wait around for 45min before some one asked if we were being serviced... (This happened on 2 occasion different dealerships) can't imagine the after sale service!


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            Like AIX said, when purchase a car, there are many factors need to be considered, not just comparing figure in paper or price or "commercial" reviews from internet

            real feeling of test drive , brand reliability, delar network, brand reputation, dealer's performace when sale, sales attitude or even a cup of warm coffee all need to be considered....


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              I too am still comparing vehicles. Have been looking at the Fortuner GXL or even possibly a Isuzu MU-X LS-U, both in manual. A work colleague has the LS-U and is very happy with it after 20 000kms. But I'm still leaning towards the GXL. Decisions decisions...


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                Hi guys, new to the forum but would just like to share my observations. I've been looking on the net for my next vehicle for a while and asked this same question.

                On paper the the MUX Ls-u (mid level) was the leader. I test drove that model MUX and the Fortuner Gx today. Both those grades appear to be on par with each other.

                The Fortuner is about 5k more but after driving both, it's definitely worth the extra money.

                Whilst I think the engine/driveline in the MUX will prove to be very reliable, the rest of the car just feels cheap and loose. There were plastic dash rattles which drove me nuts on my 10 minute drive. The steering was very vague especially whilst traveling straight ahead causing it to wander.

                I expected the MUX to have a noisy engine which wouldn't have bothered me but it was a lot noisier than I expected.

                In comparison, the Fortuner is as tight as a drum, the engine is very quiet and overall just feels so much more refined.

                With the current deal on Fortuner GX autos, I am pretty sure I will take one.

                P.s I'm not MUX bashing, it would probably still hold second place on my list.


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                  Hi Mrboajangles and welcome to the forum!

                  Thanks for the good mini review of both of the vehicles. I think what you have said is what the general consensus. Well I hope you go with the Fortuner and post some pics if you do!

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