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Unlocking head unit / DVD

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  • Unlocking head unit / DVD

    Hi, anyone unlocked head unit / DVD

    In thailand they can unlock it, so for example you can watch DVDs while diving.

    Or you can connect some miracast dongle and mirror your phone.

    They do it with some cables and extra switch.

    I was told by one guy it mess your GPS

    Any ideas?, any one did it ?

    heres example of unlocked screen

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    They're using a mirror link wifi device via the AV input on the standard head unit. These units can be had on eBay etc and come with an optional digital TV antenna.


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      No one unlcked it.

      What about watching dvds while driving?


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        First of heard of it nor have I tried it. But I'm fairly sure its illegal (in NSW at least) for DVDs & TVs etc to be positioned so the driver can view it. That's why cars with DVDs mounted on the roof of cars, are positioned behind/above the drivers line of sight, so not to distract the driver.


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          Yes I heard that it's illegal too. Besides, here most passengers prefer to watch personalised tablet / iPad etc.

          Unless this goes out of driver sight,,,
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