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Window leaks water manufacturer fault

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  • Window leaks water manufacturer fault

    Hi, looks like there is manufacturer fault in new Fortuner, water goes inside door.

    I checked on mine red plate and it leaks.

    Heres example videos

    Should toyota fix it?

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    I think should send it back to dealer to check, or whoever removed the door panel for window tinting / security etc. water should exit through the 2 holes at the outer panel, not between the plastic panels.


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      Thing is there many reports about it in thailand and ingot 3 weeks old trd just tested it and it leaks.


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        How was the test done? Was both front & rear door closed? Did you pour water through the door jam?


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          I posted videos in first topic


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            Has anyone found a solution to this? We had monsoons recently here in Karachi. My 2018 Fortuner was parked the entire time in our driveway, so it wasn’t standing in deep water. Anyway, water filled into one of the rear doors and didn’t drain until I removed the plugs at the bottom of the door a couple days later when I noticed the issue.


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              I am having the same issue on the drivers rear door card. Water is leaking behind the door card.

              I took the car to Toyota and they said they found a plastic backing on the door card had become dislodged, however water is still leaking.

              I'm following up Toyota next week.

              Anyone else has this issue?



              • uansari1
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                Sorry for the late response…this is a known issue for which I’ve never come across a fix. I just leave the plugs at the bottom of the door out…don’t seem to be needed for anything, and now there’s no problem with water filling the door.

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              uansari1 I had mine fixed.

              It's not the bungs. There is a plastic deflector inside the door. It can dislodge/move and then it deflects the water into the inside door card, causing the water to pool from the door card onto the door sill. Toyota fixed mine after I took it back 3 times, and I haven't had an issue since. Toyota originally thought it was the bungs but it wasn't.