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    Besides the three spare blank switches to the right under the steering wheel, where is everybody else positioning their switches. (Light bar, rear lights etc)

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    I have a Crusade and it doesn't have the spare blanks you speak of, they are used.

    I would say that you not only probably don't need extra switches any more, (unless you are still using the old tech and relatively ineffective incandescent spot lights), but that in Australia, having them for lights may now be illegal.

    As from 1 July 2015 the new ADR amendments came in to effect concerning external LED light bars.
    These are now classed a driving lights, not spot lights, and like fogs, you must wire your LED lights to the high beam circuit, however, unlike fogs, LED lights can now be legally used anywhere you are legally allowed to use high beams.

    If like me, you don't want your 60,000 lumen LED light bar to come on every time you select hi-beam, there is a simple alternative that requires no additional switches.
    If your model tuna has the fog lights then you will have an additional twist ring on the steering wheel stork for turning them on and off.
    By using two relays instead of one, you can make your LEDs come on only when you have chosen BOTH hi-beam AND spots.
    Hi-bean trips the first relay but the circuit is not completed until the fogs trip the second relay.
    Tap into the wiring at the headlights. Simple and effective solution for outback and city driving and no extra switches or long cable runs.

    For any other non-factory external lights fitted to your car that are not LEDs, they must either be classed as equidistantly spaced incandescent fog lights or they are classed as camping lights.
    It is now illegal to have internal switches except for fog lights and as we all know there are very specific instances on when fog lights are permitted to be used.
    Other external lights are now termed camping lights and can only be switched on and off from outside the vehicle.


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      So having a dif lock switch is ilegal. As for rear camera, manual dual battery switch over, winch, compressor and the list goes on? Good luck Hylife in the outback with all your lack of accessories.


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        Hey Wozza just got around to filling the 3 blank switch holes under the steering wheel. I think i'll be looking for more places to mount switches soon for all my camp lights and accessories. I could use another 3 keen to see what you come up with.


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          Yeah mate. Have no idea yet. Hopefully something will come out.