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  • Replace Fuel Filter Warning

    G'day all,

    Were up in remote WA and have a 'Replace Fuel Filter' warning message on the dash. It comes back immediately regardless on which display I select. The manual mentions a water accumulation warning but not a replace fuel filter message? Any ideas if it's good to drive 300km to the nearest service centre? Any ideas on clearing the warning?


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    I managed to reset the warning as per Hylifes post -for now anyway. I wonder if the 'replace fuel filter' warning is a maintenance thing rather than 'water accumulation' warning. The manual certainly isn't clear!


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      the filter does not have a clear bowl so its hard to check if its water related or otherwise. ive got a feeling the system monitors differential pressure as well as water so maybe the filter has some blockage in it. let us know how you get on , i plan to carry a spare filter at all times anyway.
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        I drained a bit from the bottom and only diesel came out, reset the warning message and it hasn't come back 400km later. I'm guessing it's a faulty/sensitive sensor that apparently is a known issue. I'll try get toyota to replace the filter in entirety when we get home I think. Worth knowing how to reset the light though! Cheers.


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          Replacing or checking the filter is sooooo easy. Literally 2 minute job.
          First, with a cool engine, place a wad of rags under the filter housing to catch the fuel that WILL spill or be prepared to use degreaser and a pressure wash.
          Just unclip the electrical connector on the rear of the housing.
          There is a screw ring around the filter housing. Unscrew the ring and the top of the filter housing lifts away.
          The ring may be tight so you may have to use a flat bladed screwdriver in the ring slots to help you turn it.
          The bottom bowl portion is bolted to the engine bay.
          The filter sits in the bowl in no particular way. Lift out, drop in.
          The genuine filters can be purchased from any Toyota dealer for $64 Australian. They come with a replacement O-ring to put on the bowl rim.
          I would recommend you check what your filter looks like before you possibly waste money on a replacement.
          Blocked filters look a very dark browny-black.

          If yours is simply the normal white that has been yellowed by diesel fuel it is fine. Do the reset and request your dealer replace the filter housing.

          You will have a stall shortly after restarting the engine as the housing is refilled.
          Pump the primer button on the top of the housing to minimise this but you will still need to use your starter motor.
          The starter motor will continue to crank for however long it takes until the engine starts but because of the high current draw it is NOT recommended to run the starter for more than 10 seconds at a time.

          Press brake pedal and start button and if not started after 10 seconds of cranking press the start button again to stop the cranking.
          Wait 10 seconds for the wiring to cool and repeat.

          Currently (as at end October 2016) there are only 7 replacement housings in Oz with more coming as soon as they are able.
          Your dealer will require you to book in the vehicle for service. During the booking process they will claim a warranty replacement. This can only be done online during the booking process.
          You may find that you require 4 weeks lead time if the existing stock is already allocated. Call your dealer a day or two before the service date to confirm they have received the part in stock.
          The old housings have been removed from availability.
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            Is there a Tech Bulletin for the Fuel Filter housing replacement?


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              Originally posted by dandin View Post
              Is there a Tech Bulletin for the Fuel Filter housing replacement?
              I've been waiting 4 weeks to have mine done as all the available stock of new design housings were already allocated.
              I have mine booked in for Nov 14. I'll ask the dealer whilst it is being done.


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                so do they have to replace the whole housing just for a sensor fault? or is there a different problem with the housing?
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                  Mines getting replaced too under warranty. The Perth dealers weren't aware of any issues with them when I dropped the car off but will replace it by the time I picked it up!