Hi All,

I am very pleased with my new (demo) GX, down here in Melbourne. The 2.8L TD is nice and responsive, its nice to be back in a toyota (I had an 88 4runner i used to love).

Anyway, I am wondering if some of you could comment on normal engine noises for me.

I am specifically referring to a electrical type of whine from the engine while the car is cold, it sounds a bit like the sound a power steering unit makes when it is in action, or even the a/c fan, sort of like an electric motor under load. I have been wondering if it is part of the induction / turbo, or an actual auxilliary unit that operates. I should note I have a snorkel and I an not referring to the distinct sound this makes whilst driving.

It is not really a problem, it is one of those things that I can't remember if it has always done it, or if it has started recently. It does seem to go away when it is warmed up.

Thanks in advance