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Car Advice Article - Fortuner vs Pajero Sport

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  • Car Advice Article - Fortuner vs Pajero Sport

    Looks like we all bought the wrong car :-)

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    it was always very close race between the two , and ultimately it comes down to the individual's needs and how much they can bargain with the dealer.
    For me , i didnt like the easily scratched chrome trim in the Mitsi , and the fact it didnt have a factory locker , and the fact that services were $580 each!! for what is a oil change!!. and i was able to do a better deal on the Yota with more included accessories.
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      It's a comparison for the masses. They scored the Mitsu better on Entertainment, Safety Tech and (scratching my head here) 4WD tech.

      Entertainment: Sure the stock Toyota headunit is bland compared to the Mitsu thanks to Apple Car Play and Android Auto. Nothing a ~$300 android headunit won't fix. My first mod :-)

      Safety Tech: Only required for people who can't drive. If you need your car to tell you if you can/can't change lanes... well you shouldn't be driving.

      4wd Tech: Just because the Mitsu has a fancy dial with fancy modes. I prefer the Toyota system. I think that's what it comes down to, personal preference.


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        Very happy with choice of Fortuner!
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          Originally posted by 4Tuner View Post

          Very happy with choice of Fortuner!
          I was sent this link last night... and wow...

          That is very concerning for Everest owners as can be seen by their reactions in the comments section, I guess one more reason to consider the Fortuner over the Everest...
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            And the Fortuner is safe, a list of vehicles here:


            Robert Pepper doing excellent work again
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              Another comparison



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                I like Fortuna's traction control, just switch on 4H when offroad & enjoy the drive. It just works, No need to worry which offroad mode, .....or forgetting to switch to the right mode. Then back to 2H again on road. Keep simple.

                i gave myself time to appreciate Mitsi rear bleeding lights, but I never came to like the look of it, front looks busy too. The only thing I like is the Apple/Android car play which beats Toyota Link.
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                  Reading some of those comments on the links I can't help but to feel for them. how very slack of ford!!!


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                    It's not an unfair article really, but of course people need to consider what's important to them. While the Fortuner may have less toys than the paj sport there are no real deal-breakers. When I bough my Fortuner, Paj Sport was ruled out due to some absolute deal-breakers (for me anyway).

                    - Fuel tank too small
                    - Spare tyre release is in centre of boot, making it totally impractical if you want to build in drawers etc.
                    - 2nd row Child-seat tethers are in the roof at the rear of the boot! (I assume this must be fixed in the 7-seater)

                    Besides that, Paj sport has some other disadvantages for the offroad tourer:

                    - Lower clearance (218mm vs 225)
                    - a mass-balancer on tailshaft is vulnerable (i.e. its not as well tucked up underneath)
                    - The towbar looks like an afterthought, its low and ugly. And in fact it was recalled at one point due to failing bolts.
                    - Electric park brake reliability concerns.
                    - 18" wheels with Highway tyres vs 17" wheels with All-Terrain tyres.

                    Those aren't deal-breakers, but they do start to stack the books in favour of Fortuner for offroad use.
                    Even some of Fortuners shortcomings are advantages for some of us. The unsophisticated 3rd row is far simpler to remove than the fold-into-floor systems and you are left with a nice big carpeted boot.

                    It's interesting that the article suggests that the paj would go further off-road, most articles suggest the opposite, that the Fortuner is more confident in difficult situations. There can't be too much between them in any case.

                    A few things I do wish Fortuner had are full-time 4wd, an Android Audio head-unit, and slightly better on-road ride quality, fortunately these aren’t deal-breakers (for me).



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                      Hi all, my reply to the choice of Vehicles, is as I have had over the years, a number of Land Cruisers, which non have stuck me up, with all my travels around Australia, Toyota is represented in most country towns, parts are readily available, I viewed a couple of makes prior to purchasing the Fortuner, some were noisy, some felt like you were driving a truck, some full of driving added niceties which may well be difficult to fix in the bush, to me Toyota has stood the Test of Time, really it wasn't a hard decision to make.


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                        Recently bought a Demo. Fortuner GXL (Previous 2006 R51 Pathfinder) I checked out Paj sport and Isuzu and decided on Fortuner as being more rugged and versatile. Have removed all rear seats and need to build in platform to create level floor to take a mattress and under under floor storage area. Cars are personal preference but agree on items on other posts.
                        Hopefully it serves me as well as the Pathfinder.
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                          I know what will have better re sale value, therefore we are all winners


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                            Caught up with a schoolmate i had not seen in 15 years on weekend

                            turns out been working last 10 as mechanic at a country ford dealership.

                            without any prompting i asked if he rates the rangers/everest

                            he said they are no good having all sorts of problems with them

                            i asked then what 4x4 he thinks are good

                            he instantly said toyota

                            thats enough for me. listen to the mechanics not the journalists !!

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                              Even though the sport was 10 grand cheaper I chose the tuna for the following reasons:
                              Far better road handling. Sport felt like it had no rebound dampening.
                              Far better towing stability. Even with a light well balanced 2000kg caravan the sport wobbled all over the place.
                              I wanted the top of the range with a bull bar. Yo cant have a bull bar on a top level sport because of their stupid crash systems.

                              And, finally when I asked around lots of mechanics out bush about different brands they all basically said this:
                              "...but, is it a Toyota?"

                              nuff said.

                              PS, I've just completed a 22,500km anticlockwise half lap up the middle and west and all you see are white Toyotas.
                              When you ask drivers why a Toyota you get stupid looks like ' are you for real?', 'mate Toyotas are the only thing that works out here that wont let you down'.

                              So, I now say to you, "....but is it a Toyota?"