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    Im starting this new topic as a listing for part numbers. If anybody buys any genuine parts ( or aftermarket parts ) pls feel free to add them to the list ( with price if known ) and keep it going . In a few years time it will be a valuable reference im sure.

    I'll start with a few basic ones -

    Towbar - PZQ6489155 cost is approx $770 which includes wiring kit. approx 3 - 4 hours to install the first time.
    Towbar Wiring Kit - PZQ61-89160 , PZQ61-89170 , PZQ61-89180
    Driving Light Wiring Harness - Kit Part No: PZQ59-89070
    Driving Lamp Harness Fitting Instructions - Kit Part No: PZQ59-89080
    Dual Battery kit , including DC / DC Charger - PZQ85-89560

    Rhino Roof racks - 3 box kit , cost $625.
    - Fortuner specific roof rail / track set , left and right sides .Rhino part no. RTS 544. these 2 extruded auminium rails are 1.5m long and cost $150 each !!! .
    - 2 x Vortex Aero Bars , Rhino part number VA126B , in Black. 1260mm long. these are about $100 each . 2 or 3 bar set available ( with different legs )
    - Quick Mount leg set , Rhino part number RLT600 , in Black. these allow the bars / upper legs to be quickly removed , leaving the lower leg section in place.

    Ironman Suspension-
    Toyota Fortuner 2015+
    24730FE Fortuner 2015+ Front Strut - Foam Cell
    45730FE Fortuner 2015+ Front Strut - Foam Cell Pro $286.00
    12730GR Fortuner 2015+ Front Strut - Nitro Gas $165.00

    24743FE Fortuner 2015+ Rear Shock Absorber - Foam Cell $154.00
    24743FEC Fortuner 2015+ Rear Shock Absorber - Foam Cell Comfort $154.00
    45743FE Fortuner 2015+ Rear Shock Absorber - Foam Cell Pro $220.00
    45743FEC Fortuner 2015+ Rear Shock Absorber - Foam Cell Pro Comfort $220.00
    12743GR Fortuner 2015+ Rear Shock Absorber - Nitro Gas $110.00
    12743GRC Fortuner 2015+ Rear Shock Absorber - Nitro Gas Comfort $110.00
    See more at:

    Ultimate Suspension -
    2 x AR744150 Aussie Ryder gas strut front
    2 x UCTF-2F Fortuner front coil
    2 x AR74481 Aussie Ryder gas shock
    2 x UCTF-2R Fortuner rear coil

    Piranha Dual Battery tray , same as 2016 Hilux , anodised steel - BTH 15 , approx $200 plus post on ebay

    Grunt Dual Battery Tray , same as 2016 Hilux , black powercoated steel - GBH 15 , approx $180 free post on ebay

    Ryco Filters -
    Oil Z418 or Z418ST (ST1)
    Air filters A1876
    Fuel R2777P
    Cabin filter RCA333P these are $120 genuin.e

    Genuine fuel filter - 23390-0L070 Cost approx $71 as at November 2021. Youtube has vids on how to replace the fuel filter and the reset procedure.

    PZQ6089040- Audio unit with Navigation feature. DAB Audio not available . Genuine Toyota ( Fujitsu 10 ) $1330 plus $150 fitting. requires annual map updates costing $300 , which are out of date anyway.

    Auxiliary fuse box ( adjacent to battery ) PZQ85-89740, cost $17.
    Fuse pins for Aux box - PZQ85-89670 , pack of 10 . Toyota call it a fitting kit ??

    SuperPro SPF4347K Bushing Kit - used for wheel alignment correction. allows 0.5 Degrees of Camber Adjustment. approx $160

    SuperPro Sway Bar RC0016FZ-33

    SuperPro Control Arm Kit TRC480

    Genuine GXL 17" alloy wheel - $258.50 ( Feb 2017 ) Toyota part # 426110KK10.

    ARB / Minecorp rated recovery points - 2814020 ( LHS ) 2814030 ( RHS ) ARB quoted about $800-ish for the 2 recovery points & installation ( march 2017 )
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      Cruise Control Parts

      Cruise Control switch: 84633-48020
      Steering wheel cover: 45186-0K120-C0


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        For part numbers I have found this site,

        I have cross referenced some part numbers I have and so far they look to be correct

        I have probably about 4pages of part numbers and associated prices, I will start putting up once I finish all the legal paperwork they relate to


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          thanks , that would be awesome.
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            From a recent Toyota quote, prices excluding GST:

            PZQ1289050 Snorkel SUV Ramhead - $477.72 (Fitting = $203 - 90 mins)
            PZQ2989315 Alloy B/Bar Winch Compatible - $2636.36 (Fitting = $338 - 180 mins
            PZQ2989295 Steel Bull Bar - $2000 (Fitting $338 - 160 mins)
            PZQ2989290 Winch Cradle - $245.45
            PZQ29892WK Steel Winch Fitting Kit - $245.45
            PZQ9389010 Winch Heavy Duty (Warn) - $1909.09 (Fitting = $102 - 45 mins)
            PZQ7289010 Cargo Barrier Rear Position - $500 (Fitting = $203 - 90 mins
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              Genuine Serpentine Belt
              TO-90916T2033 Belt , V Ribbed 7PK2020 $80.00 07/2017
              Genuine Fuel Filter Element
              TO-233900L070 Element Assy , Fuel F $56.45 07/2017
              Genuine Air Filter
              TO-178010L040 Element Sub-Assy AI $72.22 07/2017
              Oil Filter
              TO-90915YZZD2 75x85
              Brake Fluid
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                Gates Engine idler pulley - 70mm x 33.6mm x 17mm , smooth , part number 36174 approx $70

                Dayco Overrunning Alternator Pulley - 58.7 x 38 x 17 , 7PK , part number OAP 077. , approx $100 . Tool to fit is Dayco OAPT 33 , M16 Thread , 33 Tooth spline

                Gates Thermostat - TH34882G1 82 deg

                Brake Rotor ( front ) ( standard ) - DBA 42700
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                  diff breather kit -
                  the ebay ad is a bit vague and the photo misleading but the kit does contain good quality components and adaptors that you will need .
                  6 breathers in total.
                  - the rear diff gets a new breather in 6mm poly , which you run from diff to front of car. Allow enough slack to cater for suspension travel.
                  - There are 3 rubber breather tubes on top of the bellhousing - ( transmission 8mm , transfer case 4mm , transfer case actuator 4mm. ) unclip these and lower them down to the side where you can fit the adaptors then place them back in the clips. The 8mm rubber pipe does not need an adaptor just push the 6mm poly into it by 50mm and cable tie to seal the joint. These 3 lines should really be run across to the left side ( adjacent to the fuel filter ) , then to the breather filters , just to keep them away from the DPF.
                  - there are 2 more rubber breathers just under the fuel filter - front diff 8mm and front diff axle actuator 4mm . Pull the filter up out of the way while you add the adaptors and poly lines.

                  Run all lines to a high point near the R/H bonnet hinge and use the 2 x 6mm / 8mm adaptors to combine a couple of the 6mm lines to the 8mm brass breathers. Beware of hot surfaces which may melt the poly lines , especially around the DPF and exhaust system.
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                    front wiper blades - TO-85214-53080 and TO 85214-28090 . These come as rubbers only , you need to re use the metal strips from factory blades. Left side is shorter than right side and both are same price - $14.55 each. Feb 2018. Bit fiddly to install with the shrouds fitted but can be done. Not sure how to remove the shrouds anyway !!
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                      If you do go into Toyota parts department and don’t have a part number the VIN number of your car is the best thing for Toyota to look up what you need.


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                        1GD Timing Chain upgrade kit , used if timing chains develop a rattle at idle. This rattle may also appear for a few seconds at cold start up and ** must not be ignored **

                        Issue has been described as "Machining Fault in Factory Crankshaft Gear" causing improper meshing. Currently unsure how many engines affected or which plant the engines were produced at.

                        In addition to the timing chain upgrade kit a few additonal parts are listed which need to be replaced as the rocker cover comes off - such as injector seats , rocker gasket , etc

                        TO1356611030 Guide , Chain Damper QTY 1
                        TO9672119017 Ring 4
                        TO9043006013 Gasket 4
                        TO1356211010 Damper , Chain 1
                        TO1356111010 Damper , Chain 1
                        TO1355911020 Slipper , Chain 1
                        TO1355911010 Slipper , Chain 1
                        TO1355211010 Gasket , Chain 1
                        TO1355011010 Tensioner Assy 1
                        TO1354011010 Tensioner Assy 1
                        TO1352111040 Sprocket , Crankshaft 1
                        TO1350711010 Chain Sub Assy , No 2 1
                        TO1350611010 Chain Sub Assy , No 1 1
                        TO1132811070 Gasket , Timing Chain 1
                        TO1121311070 Gasket , Cylinder 1
                        TO1117633010 Seat , Injection 4
                        TO0882600080A Sealant , Black Silicone 1
                        POL Engine Oil , Syn Env C2 5w30 7.4 litres

                        some small numbers of 1GD engines have been developing a ratlle at around 30,000 to 50,000klm so keep a close eye on this issue just in case.

                        EDIT: My own engine has been repaired for this issue this week . Parts only cost all up is around $3000 and there is around 3 days labour charge to remove and refit the engine so probably another $3000.
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                          Coolant Temperature Alarm -
                          they only cost a couple of dollars and for a bit of extra work will give you early warning of coolant loss , similar to an Engine Watchdog or Engine Guardian.

                          Mount this unit in a convienient visible place on the dash or in the console , and connect the relay contacts to a small buzzer or warning light. The sensor can be placed inside a 6mm electrical lug and bolted to a convienient bolt on the engine somewhere close to the cooling system. The sensor will be monitoring the engine's metal temperature , not the coolant's temp. The engine normally runs at 83degC , so if any coolant is lost the engine's metal temperature will rise very quickly. The unit can be set to trigger at say 90deg. Note the factory temp needle often falls lower in cases of lost coolant , as there is no coolant left to measure. By the time the needle temp rises again the engine is already overheating. Wiring and setup instructions are available on the net if you search for W1209.
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                            Upper ball joint - left side - Trupro BJ9015-A180226-LC979 Ebay approx $50 April 2018 -
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                              Upper Ball joint - R/H side - Trupro BJ9015-A180226-LC984 Ebay approx $50 April 2018 -
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