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Cleaning under the Fortuner after sand

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  • Cleaning under the Fortuner after sand

    Taking my GXL to the beach and just want to know how hard it is to clean after, is getting underneath it clean hard? no upgrades to suspension, the car is stock. cheers

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    I give it a hose when i come off if possible - f you have access to a hose.. otherwise get the high pressure spray going underneath when i get home.. all good.

    remember to clean out the spare which can catch a bit of sand on top
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      I live near Fraser Island , and i can say pressure washing it underneath properly is important , even if you have to buy one of those cheap petrol powered pressure washers , you will always use it for other jobs around the house anyway.

      to get the sand out of the interior , i vacuum what i can , then get a blow duster under compressed air to blow the sand out of nooks and crannies the vacuum cannot reach. ompressed air is perfect for cleaning the dust out of aircon ducts too.

      another tip - dont use those carwash places in coastal towns , they recycle 90% of the water and it is very very salty , from others who have used it before. all you are doing is pressure washing salty water into your chassis.
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        Just a tip, the chassis rails have holes all through them. Last time i hit the beach i jammed a low pressure hose at the highest point on the rail, the amount of sand that washed out was ridiculous!! It did take ages to get them clean, spraying the water into various holes along the rails, but it was worth it