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    Does anyone know if the GXL Privacy glass provides any UV Protection?

    Going to get the front Windows tinted and need to know if the rear ones provide uv protection for the kids already.


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    not sure on that one , maybe the window tinting mob can advise further. Ive just had my GX done and he said the windows already had a smoke tint at factory. My previous import Mitsy had a mirror tint and i dont think it did much for UV , the car also had factory curtains.
    I am now a big fan of darker tinting , here in QLD it makes a big difference - i only need to run the aircon on low setting . 18% doors back with 10 year warranty only cost me $200 , was quoted up to $370 by others who had not done a Tuna.
    2016 GX , in White


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      I asked the Toyota delaer when I brought my GXL and they advised the privacy glass offers NO UV protection. We had the factory tint put on the car. They use a clear film on the privacy glass to give UV protection without making it any darker.


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        Got my GX done by Solar-tint as they were close to home. Cost $445. The film they used was Film Type 351, Film Colour BP. Can't remember the exact quote from Toyota, but it was around $900.

        Not sure about this, but Solar-tint said Toyota charge extra because the film they use has the Cancer Council "tick" on it, (which they tried to impress on me), & that Toyota pay $1000 per roll of film for the tick...?


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          All Toyota windows (like most cars made for the last 15 years) are polarised, so unless you are worried about sunrise and sunset I wouldn't worry about UV issues or tint films.

          Get a good pair of polarised sunglasses and sit inside a new car then tilt your head left and right like an Indian saying "thankyou velly much, come again", and you should be able to see the polarised dots all over the glass.

          Vertical light is filtered and horizontal light passes through.


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            Thanks for all the responses. Something to think about!