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Patrol vs Fortuner

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  • Patrol vs Fortuner

    Lets take a look at the advantages each vehicle has:

    • Larger towing capacity 3000kg for the automatic and 2800kg for the auto. So a negative and a positive
    • Cheaper by a fair amount even for the basic Patrol, which will make it a more attractive option.
    • 7 Seats as standard (Patrol is only on the ST model)
    • Better ground clearance 297mm on the fortuner vs 210mm on the Patrol, killing it!
    • Way more powerful and less agricultural engine than the Patrol
    • Better claimed fuel economy
    • Shares the Hilux DNA so there are bound to be shared parts and aftermarket bits and bobs coming soon (not really an advantage but hey...)
    • Newer and sharper interior
    • Larger towing capacity 3200kg for the manual and 2500kg for the auto. So a negative and a positive
    • Bigger tank but negated by consumption
    • Better approach angle
    • More established and well known
    • Larger interior
    • Better aftermarket parts availability
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    With respect mate. It's a bit hard to compare The Fortuner nd the Nissn Patrol. The Patrol is a full size heavy duty 4wd. The Fortuner is a very good { I believe ) medium duty 4wd like the Hilux, but nowhere near in the same class as the Patrol.


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      Hi Davidd,

      I agree, they aren't really a straight comparison and it is a much different vehicle overall. But I guess I am trying to compare all the fourby's out there to get an idea what is the best fit for the person who may be looking.

      If someone is looking they can come here and then decide that the Fortuner may be too small and then the comparison although not direct still has let that person know what they need, if you know what I mean?

      I need to add some of the others as well and yeah, the more we talk about the differences then the more people will be able to make an informed decision.
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