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Damaged radiator due to broken bracket

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  • White One
    Ive not heard of it before , maybe the boys on the Hilux forum may have?. reinforces the importance of a daily inspection when out bush too.
    also wise to fit an Engine Guardian / Watchdog or similar , to warn of early coolant loss.

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  • Black Betty
    started a topic Damaged radiator due to broken bracket

    Damaged radiator due to broken bracket

    Reading a 4X4 Australia comparison review which included a Fortuner I noted they had a damaged radiator due to a broken bracket.
    "Cooling off
    IN A remote area of the CSR the Fortuner threw up an engine warning and advised we visit a dealership. Best calculations had that as a three-day journey in either direction – and that’s if the car was driveable. On popping the bonnet we noticed the coolant overflow was empty, and it didn’t take long to establish the lower part of the radiator had significant damage. Yet the exterior of the car had no damage.
    The previous day the Fortuner was emitting a mild clunk from the front-end, something we initially suspected was a suspension component. But it appears it may have been a loose radiator from a broken bracket. It seems the radiator then jolted downwards and hit something above the sump guard, leading to holes on the core and lower tank.
    Given the size of the hole we weren’t sure radiator stop-leak additives would work, so we spent hours removing the radiator to repair it with metal putty.
    Our bush mechanic fix worked and we were on our way, with the Fortuner making it to Broome without another problem."

    I have owned my GX for only a few weeks now and have not been off road as yet so not likely to have this problem.
    Have any of the forum members who have done trips over corrugated roads struck this problem or could they check their vehicle to see if they have the problem.
    I have emailed 4X4 regarding this and asked if in their opinion this was a one of problem or likely to be a problem for all Fortuners, but they may not answer.