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trim piece under glovebox?

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  • trim piece under glovebox?

    Hi All,

    Does your Fortuner have a flat plastic trim piece beneath the glove box (i.e. above the passengers feet)?
    Mine does not, you can poke your head under there and see into the guts of the wiring etc.

    I was looking at some disassembly instructions and noticed that it showed a trim piece here !

    Am I missing it? or do our local models not have this piece?


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    Yes there is a flat plastic trim underneath. It is held by 4 clips located along side the glove box hinge. The opposite end facing forward of the vehicle simply latches itself into the external of aircond blower case. There is a sound deadening cloth material stuck on it.


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      I just had a look, mine doesn't have it either. Mine's a GX like DaveC

      Now that you mention it, it does look bare under there and it does look like there is a trim missing. My OCD is going to kill me :-)


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        hmm wierd, any other GX owners want to weigh in?


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          Yep. My GX doesn't have one. You can see where it would clip in. Doesn't bother me, though.
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            my GX doesnt have it either. there were 2 plastic trim pieces i found in the jack storage compartment , maybe thats where they go?
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            • DaveC
              DaveC commented
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              Those will be the bits that cover the 3rd row seat mounting brackets when not in use I suspect.

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            Sounds like we don’t get that piece on GX!, pretty odd way to differentiate models by leaving bits of trim off!


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              I agree mine hasn't got it either :O


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                Odd - wonder how much to retrofit ?