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    So I'm new to the technology surrounding Toyota's but I've dabbled on self tuning my other cars (Nissan and Mitsubishi) either direct to the ECU or via the ODB2 port using programs such as EcuFlash.

    I stumbled upon this on YouTube and looks like there are some cool stuff Toyota lets your play around with the Canbus.

    I've already got an OpenPort 1.3 cable but turns out I need an OpenPort 2.0 or any other cable that supports the J2534 protocol. Techstream specific cables are also available online for about $25.

    I've seen several download links online for Techstream V11, just wondering if anyone's tried it out on their Fortuner?

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    good find , and looks easier and more functional than mucking around with Evoscan and EcuFlash. I guess its a matter of if the software is current enough to include the Fortuner? If it is i'll buy a cable straight away. I wouldnt tinker with the engine itself but key programming etc , definitly
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      You can dowload the latest version from Toyota EU

      Not sure how you go activating it.