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DPF burns and long grass

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  • DPF burns and long grass

    had a thought today - If the car is doing a DPF burn the exhaust temps can rise to about 600 degrees. well you wouldnt want to be near any long grass or drought affected areas when this happens!! sooner they get rid of this DPF issue the better.
    2019 GX , in White

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    Even worse. If you are in the middle of the Simpson and the ECU goes to Limp mode while you are towing a 2.5 ton trailer. These silly modern diesels won't be ideal over those environments.


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      White One, the DPF burn off apparently raises the exhaust temperature to over 800 degrees, apparently there is some kind of class action with the new hilux for the same reason, Farmers will not let them on their properties.... (so i've been told)


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        Diesels like ours will be phased out over the next 10 years. A few manufacturers are dropping diesels from their line up. Modern petrols are as fuel efficient without all of the pollution saving (I mean more polluting as the engine has to work harder) crap bolted on to them. Petrol / elec or hydrogen will be the norm soon. The rates of cancer in Europe have greatly increased in line with the increased use of diesels in the last 15 years. Currently the fastest vehicles are electrics, electric motors have max torque available from start up.
        Cheers Dave
        2015 GX Auto