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car sales figure in Jan from caradvice

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  • car sales figure in Jan from caradvice

    Just saw car advice car sales figure in Jan, it seems caradvice really love ford, everytime I browse this site, always found a ford banner AD flash..

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    the ads get generated based on the search criteria "Ford" in the web/ that's why you see the Ford ad. if using chrome get adblock plus and you wont see any ads at all.
    The Caradvice review of Fortuner indicated 14L /100km compared to ranger 8.5L/100, any other Fortuner review got 10.5L/100 !!!. However, I do believe caradvice is promoting Ford as they surely got generous incentive from the manufacture, probably more than Toyota. Toyota relies on reputation rather than spending thousands on advertising of an overpriced SUV.

    Ford isn't a bad car, especially those made overseas, but i rather buy a car from a company that's been manufacturing 4x4 for quit sometime and have well developed reputation in market. And.... one that test vehicle doesn't go up in smoke .
    FORD Australia is conducting an investigation into what caused its latest model — the new Everest SUV — to suddenly burst into flames during a test drive.


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      good point!