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    Hey all

    I don't recommend misplacing your keys !

    I got two obviously with the car. I still have one but the other is currently misplaced ( it has to be in the house but not showing up !) I have made enquires with my Toyota dealer.

    Transponder (Part number 899040K130) $446.55
    Blank Key (Part Number 695150K100) $90.75

    Plus fitting and cutting costs - around $200.. Ends up a very expensive exercise at around $750 !

    looking to find a less expensive solution of course

    a few google searches finds the below overseas for 1/3 of the price.. can get it programmed here easily enough but I notice they have different MHZ, one 314.3 and the other 434...

    could be playing with fire and will probably end up just going to local dealer but if anyone has a thought shout out.. wish there was some way to scan for keys in the house with a detector of some kind or extend the car's sensor into the house !
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    Try PRV Locksmiths. They've 2 shops in the Sydney area. 828 Botany Rd, Mascot & 220 Victoria Rd, Rozelle. They've the 1 phone no. for both locations - (02) 9555 5555.

    The information I got was in 2009 & from a friend of a friend who lost his Prado keys & had to get new ones. Toyota quoted him $2000 for a new computerised key system & keys. From his asking around, he got onto PRV Locksmiths & apparently they said they'd duplicate his sub-key for $69, or if he took the car to them, they'd reprogram the computer & give him key keys that open everything, & re-code the current sub key a total of 3 sets of keys for $160.

    Remember this info dates back to 2009, & I got 3rd or 4th hand, so can't attest to its accuracy. But hey, worth a phone call even if you're not from Sydney. They may be able to offer some advice.


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      Thanks for the tip..i called them.. they can program but don't have the key transponder part..i need to source that separate

      The price from them to code is significantly less than toyota quoted.

      just got to work out if it is the correct key transponder on the website.
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        maybe a locksmith can just clone your spare transponder into a new generic one?
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          yeah thanks - tried that but apparently being a new(ish) model , Toyota retain the monopoly on key matching for a few years until the codes slowly trickle down to third parties.. therefore the inflated price. IN a few years probably will be OK.

          I have also found out so far the transponder is the 314MHZ unit.. Mister Minit guy tested It but couldn't help me with a replacement unfort
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          It's a good reminder for the rest of us to put a locating tag on our keys though. This one has some impressive features:


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            managed to sort this out with a auto locksmith - significantly less than dealer - about 40% cheaper.. pays to shop around but this price will come down over time
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