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Solar Blanket from Super Cheap

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  • Solar Blanket from Super Cheap

    For those who may be interested. I just got a Super Cheap 150w folding Solar Blanket for $375, but its only available via on-line ordering. As a comparison, their 100w folding solar blanket is in-store on the shelf for $399. So mine was $25 cheaper & 50% more wattage.

    Even the guy behind the counter couldn't believe the price of it.

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    Wow! This is really interesting. I am quite intrigued by the product and would like to check it out online. Solar energy has become quite a popular source of energy in Australia nowadays with many equipments being powered by solar such as car, pressure cookers, water heaters, traffic lights, etc. I am considering to buy a solar panel system for my house in Perth. It will be a cost-effective and cleaner source of energy.