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Fortuner Features and also comparison to Prado

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  • Fortuner Features and also comparison to Prado

    Hi all,
    This is my first post and I am hoping some of you might help me. I am considering a purchase of a Fortuner Crusade, or a Prado. The Prado brochure is very detailed, but either the Fortuner Brochure is poorly written, or the Fortuner lacks features.

    Can anyone advise if the Fortuner has both traction control and Active Traction Control like the Prado?
    Does the Fortuner have Brake assist technology (I know it has ABS with EBD, but no mention of Brake Assist like in the Prado brochure)
    Does it have Variable flow control power steering like the prado?
    Does the crusade have 4 rear parking sensors or just 2, brochure does not specify this?
    Is the stereo decent/ better on the Crusade, because the GXL I test drove seemed to be very ordinary listening to the radio compared to many other cars.
    There seems to be a lot of features missing that you would expect to be there on the Fortuner.

    Is there anything about the Fortuner that annoys any of you or features you lack or miss?

    The Fortuner crusade does have a few features the Prado GXL does not have, such as Rear Diff Lock, automatic tail gate and I think the crusade has voice recognition but I am not sure what this means?
    Any help from those in the know would be really appreciated, and help with my purchase decision.
    The Fortuner Crusade also has the brown interior, which I am not really a fan of...

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    Can help with a few things
    The fortuner does have the a-trc traction control, not sure what brake assist is but have not heard it mentioned in my research before buying my fortuner same with the power steering. I have a gxl and think the sound system is quite good but thats purely an opinion. Voice recognition is just a voice activated control for the entertainment system, you just press a button on the steering wheel then you can speak commands such as "call john" or "tune to xxx" and it will do what you said. Really useful and works quite well.
    The current prado has been around for ages and every time they bring out a new version they add features which would be why it appears to have more than the tuna. Tuna is brand new so they hold back on features so that they can put them in the series 2.
    Honestly they are quite different cars, I chose the tuna cos it was a bit smaller and I think looked better and fell more into my price range. The prado is getting a bit old in the tooth, the interior is a bit lack lustre and to me its a family/old mans car. The main things that the prado has over the tuna in my opinion is full time 4wd and 120l of fuel capacity. It also has the fold down flat seats in the rear which is probably better if you have a big family but I don't have kids and just pulled the back seats out anyway so was no big deal for me.
    My advice, drive both and pick the one that best suits your needs cos they are both great cars in their own right.


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      Thanks Eddo83,
      I read an article stating that the 3rd row rear seats were not meant to be removed in the Fortuner, and if you do remove them, you are left with a hole and no panel to fill it. Is this true?

      Brake assist detects when you are braking hard when compared to speed, and applies extra force to the brakes in an emergency. I had to google it myself - it sounds like a good safety feature.
      Variable flow control steering changes the amount of assistance depending on speed.

      I am so confused, would appreciate some other opinions please guys.
      I've driven both (twice each). Prado is smoother and more refined, Fortuner is slightly more powerful. Other than that, I guess it comes down to features.
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        There are things that the Tuna can do that a Prado can't.


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          I got a 6 mth old demo GX auto, which as the dealers car had been up-specced to 18" alloys & leather trim. Got the Fortuner cause it was priced right for me. I was after a used Prado but to get one about 5 yrs old with okay mileage was well into the 60k mark. I had a yr 2000 Patrol.

          For me, compared to a 5 yr Prado, I got a 6 mth old car, new styling, newer engine & gearbox tech, for much less doe than a used Prado.

          I miss the space of the patrol, roof load capacity, & fuel capacity compared to the Fortuner especially on trips, (& still miss these)... I don't have a camper trailer or caravan (yet). The look of the Tuner is sleeker, compared to the box shape Prado. Engine & gearbox tech is also great, as would be a new Prado.

          If you need room for gear, people / kids in the 2nd row of seats, & more fuel capacity think Prado. If these aren't a major consideration, think Fortuner.

          The Prado's been around for yonks, so aftermarket products are more readily available than the Fortuner, but more are becoming available as time passes. This isn't the Fortuner's fault, its the aftermarket industry!

          I'm retired so for me, if money & the car's age & mileage wasn't an issue, I'd have got the new Prado. Good luck with what you decide.


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            Forty lighter with same engine as prado should make a difference

            forty smaller so more manouverable

            rear diff lock makes a massive difference. Have been unable to climb some tracks without it. I think only standard on kakadu.

            I like the size of the forty for my day to day use than the prado

            the self opening rear door in the crusade is brilliant for letting kids in and out (i just push a button up front)

            i like the forty styling over the prado but this is just personal choice. The only thing stylewise i was not sold on for the forty is the front foglamp/grille but a bullbar takes care of it.. perfect.

            The only two benefits of prado for me are bigger fuel tank for touring and bigger in size for a bit more storage (although difference not much with third row seats removed) and higher payload for trips.

            going to fraser island soon with a mate in his prado so will get a good comparison on which goes better there. actually the same mate just got a new hilux for his work vehicle and commented how much he prefers driving that that his prado.. I'm sure he will be happy with the prado's big fuel tank/storage on a trip however.

            it seems the forty is being used by people to have some fun. The vast majority i see are modified or set up in some way.. the vast majority of prados i see (sure there are far more on the road) are factory standard never been off the bitumen. Makes sense.. only reason to go forty is for offroad or maybe tow (otherwise choose kluger) prado chosen just because of its size
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              I owned a 90 series Prado (and before that a 4Runner, both of which were great vehicles) and was originally looking to upgrade to a newer (used) Prado but put off by the prices. A few things swayed me to the Fortuner. Unlike the Prado, with the third row of seats down you still have some room in the back for a few bags. The Fortuner was more comfortable for the big kids in the back seat. The GX comes with rear diff lock. The Prado is somewhat dated and didn't feel much different to my 1997 model. And the Fortuner price is sharper. It was a no brainer for me!


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                I was also going to go to a Prado , but essentially the Tuna is the same car underneath anyway so i didnt see why i should spend another $20k . The Prado has the same 1GD engine but with balance shafts added hence why its smoother. Prado has a slightly different transfer case to allow fulltime 4WD . The two bodies are the same length and width
                I wasnt fazed by the brown interior so i fitted black seat covers
                a stereo is an easy upgrade too.
                long range tanks will be available in future im sure
                2019 GX , in White


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                  Hi Rich

                  The Fortuner is our first 4wd, and I also crossed shopped the Prado. In essence, the Fortuner was the right size for us an a better value proposition. In answer to your questions:

                  Can anyone advise if the Fortuner has both traction control and Active Traction Control like the Prado? -Same as the Prado.

                  Does the Fortuner have Brake assist technology (I know it has ABS with EBD, but no mention of Brake Assist like in the Prado brochure) Yes has BA. Brakes will hold car on a hill until you accelerate. System is great, I have been on hills where the low oil warning appears and the car holds strong until I accelerate.

                  Does it have Variable flow control power steering like the prado? No idea.

                  Does the crusade have 4 rear parking sensors or just 2, brochure does not specify this? 4. Again system works well, decent rear view camera also.

                  Is the stereo decent/ better on the Crusade, because the GXL I test drove seemed to be very ordinary listening to the radio compared to many other cars. Stereo is the same, apart from Sat nav included. Quality is decent for a standard system. Speakers are easily upgraded if not adequate for your purposes.

                  There seems to be a lot of features missing that you would expect to be there on the Fortuner. - Things that the Crusade should have and doesn't. Electronic lumber support for the driver, electric seat for the passenger, heated seats, auto wipers, radar cruise control. These are the things I would expect in a $68k car driveaway in auto. Although , no one pays the RRP!

                  Overall, we love the Fortuner, is is extremely capable off the factory floor. Aftermarket has really started to support this model. You can get the basics (suspension, bull bar, rails, steps, rear bar, long range tank, racks, etc from many places now.

                  We didn't go the Prado as it was too large, heavier, and for the near same features $15k more. Whatever Toyota 4wd you choose, you really cant go wrong reliability wise or support. Hence the premium price compared to everything accept a Ford.

                  All the best!




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                    Crusade has 2 parking sensors in rear, but with the rear camera you have a great view so they really are just backup.

                    Does have brake assist, see attached link.

                    We looked at a Prado, but er couldn't get over how dated and ordinary the interior was for the money. Compared with the same money we got the Crusade. No brainer for us.
                    Plus my wife really didn't wan the "Prado driving Soccer Mum" stigma.

                    Good luck, I've not regretted my Fortuner for a second.
                    Safety features include reversing camera, seven SRS airbags, Vehicle Stability Control and emergency stop signal as standard across the range. Book a Test drive here!


                    • Bussa
                      Bussa commented
                      Editing a comment
                      Apologies - you are correct, there are 2 parking sensors!

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                    We test drove the GXL Prado and GXL Fortuner on the same day. The biggest difference for us was how it drove. The Prado and Fortuner have the same engine but the Fortuner is a couple hundred kilos lighter. The gearing is shorter and sharper in the Fortuner for a far more responsive drive. The Prado felt sluggish in comparison with AWD, spongy gearing and heavier in mass eating away at the available power.

                    The Prado only has a towing capacity on 2.5t and GXL auto Fortuner has a towing capacity of 2.8t. 3t for manuals.

                    The rear diff lock, auto headlights, single touch lane change indicators are just some of the features the very dated Prado is missing. The Fortuner shares the same front end as the Hilux and it was last years top selling vehicle in Australia so finding spare parts and aftermarket accessories is getting very easy.

                    The GXL prado has duel zone climate control, larger fuel capacity and AWD. The Fortuner traction control works very well so I don't see a huge gain in safety by having AWD. But it is a selling point.

                    The only thing I wish the Tuna had is the fuel capacity. but put the spare tyre on an aftermarket steel bar and add a long range fuel tank and bobs your uncle you have a Prado.

                    The Fortuner surprised us with its "Out of the box" off road capabilities.

                    The biggest difference for us in the end was the Prado felt softer to drive, although extremely comfortable for soaking up the kms. I personally preferred the feel of the Fortuner being sharper and more responsive. Did anyone else feel this way?
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                      Originally posted by John View Post
                      . The Fortuner can also handle a higher payload than the Prado.
                      didn't realise this I thought I read somewhere it was the other way around (prado with bigger payload) ! chalk up another win to the forty then
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                      • John
                        John commented
                        Editing a comment
                        So i was just going off the Toyota online specs comparing GXL auto-Diesel Prado and Fortuner; I MADE A MISTAKE! I didnt compare apples with apples. Please see below and i'll edit my comments above.

                        GXL auto Fortuner;
                        Tare Weight: 2095Kg
                        Gross Vehicle Mass: 2750kg
                        Total weight that can be added to the vehicle = 655kgs

                        GXL auto Diesel Prado;
                        Tare Weight: 2235kg
                        Gross Vehicle Mass: 2990kg
                        Total weight that can be added to the vehicle = 755kgs

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                      All good! Disappointed but i thought i had an extra bragging point against my mate and his prado!!

                      need this for the forty

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                        I really want to say a big thank you to all that have replied. I have been reading and I am leaning very much towards the Fortuner Crusade. I have given myself the weekend to decide and need to act next week.

                        I read an article stating that the third row seats are not meant to be removed and if you do, they are really, really difficult to re-install. Also there is a big gaping hole with no blanking panel that looks bad with the rear seats removed. Here is the link:


                        I note a couple of people on here have removed their rear seats which is what I intend to do most of the time. Could someone please confirm this article is accurate, or if they are ok to remove and it does not leave a gaping hole where they would normally fit...

                        I see the ability to either have more cargo space or 7 seats by removing or re-installing seats as good flexibility and hope it can be done easily.



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                          Very easy just need a 14mm socket set

                          Takes me 5-10 mins now i have done it a dozen times

                          i always take the rear seats out for trips

                          normally have the rhs 3rd row in only for day to day as we have 3 kids and generally only have one friend of theirs with us

                          leaving the LHS out provides more space but seriously 5 mins to put the LHS one back.. did it the other weekend as we had two extras

                          there were two tutorial methods on this forum to remove the seats.

                          one i couldn't work.out how it.. the other was a piece of cake so i do it that way.

                          there is a bit of a gap in the plastic cover when removed but does not bother me. I have never sat in 3rd row.

                          i should be on a commission for this!

                          good luck
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