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Overall - Are you happy with your Fortuner?

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  • Overall - Are you happy with your Fortuner?

    I've read through the forum and seen various posts relating to some mechanical issues, some say they are happy, while some don't seem to be - and I've tried to work out if these Fortuners are a good vehicle or not.

    I keep in mind that there might be a silent majority who might be out there and be happy, won't post anything - and it may just be that we are more likely to hear the bad stories rather than the good ones.

    So I thought I would just ask the question straight, if you had your money back, would you still buy the Fortuner, or try something else?

    I am thinking about getting a Crusade.

    Send me a private message if you prefer to be discreet (is that available on this forum)?

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    Definitely a happy Fortuner owner.
    2015 GX auto / Genuine steel bull bar, snorkel and tow package / Ultimate suspension / Rhino sliders / BFG KO2s / ORS drawers ...


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      Definitely overall much happier than with my Territory although i've only done 16,500 KM's


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        Even though there a are a few annoying things, im happy with the car. I also realise that as a brand new model, there is some issues to be expected. Im sure the next update on the platform will have most of the issues fixed.

        As soon as you engage 4L and hit the tracks, the smile comes back and i remember its a great car


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          May I ask, what are the annoying things?


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            Very happy with our Fortuner Crusade.

            We have only had one real 'teething issue' that being the auto shifting when cold. ECU update fixed this.


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              I have the Crusade, overall very happy with practicality/function of SUV/wagon, no major issues as far as engine and drivetrain, excellent. I love it 😃

              Ride could be better, bumpy at times (stock suspension) but more than sufficient for me. If I want something more comfortable, I will get a different SUV.

              Some minor annoyance, nothing major, I can live with it..
              - what were they thinking with the protruding plastic cover near cup holder, hurts my left leg on long drives
              - Toyota Link slow & often no connection, & a pain to update
              - the cooler box is small & not that cool (I mean temp)
              - door panel feels flimsy
              - intermittent rattling near cup holder
              - crusade's auto headlights, there's no Off setting on the stalk, so it's always on.
              - wobbly shark fin antenna
              - sudden downshift when going downhill (not sure if this has been resolved after ecu update)
              - rubber is HT, not AT like GLX
              - speaker so so but okay general listening
              - inaccurate fuel metering

              Other than that, it's all good & happy.


              • Kiat
                Kiat commented
                Editing a comment
                Oh... and a few more minor annoyance... no biggie really , just thought I should highlight here...
                - rear door has good seal against dust, but the rear is like a dust/dirt/grime/whatchamacallit magnet, have fun cleaning it
                - drive into water, and see the water splash onto windscreen like you're going underwater
                - the windshield glass & windows, I think they're thin (as in lack thickness) & easy to break
                - cabin lights, I wish they're brighter
                - crusade leather feels firm & rough overall, but napa-like leather for center console armrest?

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              I'm very happy with my GX , its the first brand new car ive owned for myself ( had 20 years of company cars ) and it took me a long time to settle on a Tuna rather than all the others like pajero sport , Everest , Prado , MU-X , etc - they have thier issues too.
              only issues so far in 10,000 klm is the auto software update ( fixed ) and a potential problem with the DPF which i'm sure Toyota will fix eventually. Im doing a lot of small mods just to personalise it to my liking.
              yes i would buy again , and definitly in white . Over time with all the aftermarket goodies coming out of Thailand these cars will be even more customisable.
              2019 GX , in White


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                Originally posted by rich View Post
                May I ask, what are the annoying things?
                Mainly teething problems with a new design using a new motor/gearbox. Things like the A/T shifting issues, DPF issues, a few rattles and noises, no blanking plate to cover the trim when removing rear seats, no sat nav unless buying a crusade etc

                They are all first world problems, the car runs great and most of the issues are just being picky as its a brand new car that you have spent a lot of money on, so use the warranty as much as possible!


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                  Hi rich,

                  I've done almost 20k in my GX Auto and I'm very happy with it (would buy again). I chose it over the competition (which is specifically Paj Sport, Everest and MUX) because I believe it has more of an off-road bias than those and makes a better touring 4wd. I chose it over Prado (another great off-road tourer) mostly due to price as I was cross-shopping GX Fortuner vs GXL Prado, a $14k difference at the time. But I also felt very comfortable in the Fortuner, the interior is modern and familiar (if simple), the cup holders are bigger (and there's more of them!), the size was just right etc, etc, little personal things that made me quite content with Fortuner and not feel like I was missing out on anything in the Prado, you may feel the other way around!

                  I haven't had any issues. My only complaint is that the ride is a bit harsh compared to the others (but it's *great* off-road). The GX spec was perfect for me. Personally I wouldn't consider a Fortuner (or Prado for that matter) if I wasn’t going to take it off-road (or tow something), there are better value car-like SUV's with more features around.



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                    I have the GXL and have been very happy with it. The Prado and Everest were out of my price range. I also test drove a Pajero Sport and a Subaru Outback (I wasn't sure about the degree of off-road driving I wanted to do). The Pajero Sport was a comparable drive but I couldn't stand the interior. There was a lot of chrome inside and the reflection of light from it was very irritating. The Outback was far too busy on the dash and there was lots of shiny black surface to leave fingerprint marks over. In the end I'm glad I didn't go with it as I love doing the more serious off-road drives. Since buying the Fortuner I've had a Toyota snorkel and a Toyota winch compatible alloy bull-bar installed. With the snorkel installed, you can hear the induction in the engine with the window down and it sounds good. The bull-bar looks great and is a huge improvement on the stock bumper with those chrome fangs around the fog lights. The Toyota bull-bar doesn't extend the car by much at all either so if you have limited driveway space it's a good option.
                    The Fortuner is a great looking car, completely capable off-road and pretty good on-road.


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                      GX Auto August 2016. Done 60,000 kms without any problems. Done a lot of 4wding on sand, mud, and rough terrain, never been stuck at any track. Fuel consumption is okay, maintenance wise easy enough. I've passed bog Prados in Stockton beach multiple times. Can do everything a prado can do with less burden of weight. The Fotruner can do with a bigger tank tho.. I feel the Station attendant knows me like his second cousin.


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                        Got a demmo GX 2015 auto in March 2016, up-specced with 18" alloys & leather trim by the dealer, but I still paid for it. Had a yr 2000 Patrol from new, so compared to that I'm happy with the Tuner's engine, gear box, style & shape of the car. I find it a bit small-ish, but can make do. Happy with fuel figures of about 12/100 of suburb use... I can't drive far before I stop at round-abouts, lights etc etc.

                        Agree with cheekydonkey about the fuel tank size. That said, The Long Ranger Fuel Tank people got back to me last week via email & said ""we will be looking at the Fortuner over the next few months and I believe that we will be looking at a replacement tank as well as an aux tank.""

                        Fingers crossed.


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                          Thank you to everyone who replied and offered help. I have decided to buy a Fortuner Crusade. Now the 4 week wait is on.
                          I hope it works out well and is a great car.
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                            it will be fine , Im sure. the good thing i can say about Toyota is that they will back thier product . Most of the issues are usually related to bad dealership service , and people have had to do direct to get any action.
                            this is in complete contrast to Volkswagen and the rubbish they produce. My daughter had to take back an Amarok 3 times for a minor fault with the towbar wiring , and it cost them money up front before the nasty buggers even started to look at it!!
                            2019 GX , in White