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Off-road toolkit for Fortuner

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  • Off-road toolkit for Fortuner

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone has some advice on what tools/parts would be advisable to take off-road for preventative or emergency work on the Fortuner? I'm starting from scratch and want to avoid buying a general toolkit for which only a few items may be usable.

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    a few basic things i would take - and im sure others will add to it - metric socket set , a range of screwdrivers , ratchet head flexi spanners , hammer , hacksaw , soldering iron , metal putty , rescue tape , pliers , wire cutters , automotive wire , cable ties , electrical tape , multimeter , coolant , oil & filter , tyre levers . tyre plug and patch kit , serpentine belt , air filter , wheel nuts , air compressor , shovel , snatch strap .
    most of these things are in my car all the time anyway , in a large crate
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      Thanks White One. Got a few of those but looks like there's a lot more I need.

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    Tip from a mate who has done far more remote travel than me

    replace parts like belts filters fuses etc before your first big trip even if the current ones are working fine and keep the old ones if not competely dead.

    1 you will know the fitted ones are new
    2 you know that all that all the "spares" you have fit correctly and how do fit it especially if the car is new to you. Dont want to have slightly wrong part number by mistake.
    3 the old ones even if used will still have enough life to get you out of a pickle if required
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      Good advice. Thanks!

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    As well as the above, I also have a tyre inner tube, brake fluid, & radiator hoses. I had 2 x front & rear spare wheel studs for my Patrol, but haven't got them yet for the Tuner. Reason for the studs being that mechanics & tyre places use air guns to put wheels on, & they can strip the threads on the studs. I also recently bought a cordless impact wrench.

    The oil, coolant, air & fuel filters I have are genuine Toyota for 2 reasons. First, Autobarn & Supercheap etc didn't have the spares for the 2.8lt engine (when I needed them), & 2, I didn't want to risk any warranty issues using a non genuine part if something went wrong.


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      Hi all, I'm toying with the idea of taking out some spanners from my tool kit that I'm less likely to use. (You often read & hear people say only carry to spanners you need for your car).

      Would anyone happen to now the more common size bolts on the Tuner? Comments would be appreciated.


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      Thanks Spook


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        Excellent advice above -
        I would ad to the list:
        Filter wrench or, possibly better, a good strap wrench.
        Center punch & nail punch.
        Small Epoxy set.
        Decent bit kit & driver - Stanley have an excellent set for under $30 that has a very useful range of bits and I use it all the time.
        Also, I have a large (ish) T handle driver that holds various bits and can be better than a screw driver for reach and applying some grunt.
        Various hose clamps.

        FWIW, I've made a custom socket set out of a 1/4 inch kit and a 1/2 inch kit.
        The smaller sizes are all 1/4 and the bigger stuff 1/2.
        Save a bit of weight and eliminates some doubt up.

        Last, I think the tire plug kit mentioned above is very good advice and though I've never (knocks on wood) had a flat since I started using LT tires, I have used my tire plug kit
        several times on other peoples vehicles. It's a cheap and very useful thing to have IMHO.


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          Thanks DavidA. I always carry a 1/4" Kingchrome & 1/2" Sidchrome set of sockets, open & closed ended spanners, shifters, pliers, ratchet ring spanners, screwdrivers, puncture repair kit, etc. Which "I think" is an okay kit, considering I'm not mechanically minded by any means, & class myself as a bloke who likes to tinker with things.

          The one thing I don't have (& thanks for reminding me), is a filter wrench or strap wrench. Huh, what a shame.... off I go again to spend money on another toy for the car!!


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            Toyota actually do a socket for the oil filter.
            Torx bit and Allen key bit set from DavidA is really good idea.
            I never carry tools around with me and only take a small handful of stuff on trips away which is a pretty poor show considering I am a mechanic 😂. But in saying that I am big on preventative maintenance